Huge Dilemma!

I have a dilemma… and that dilemma is this blog. I do not want to write it, or any of the following blog entries. Yet, here I am typing away, about to introduce the purpose of all this silliness. First off, I hate the idea of blogs, because it’s incredibly hard not to think they aren’t the most narcissistic “look at me”, “NO SERIOUSLY! LOOK AT ME!” of all the social media platforms. Facebook = ME! Instagram = ME! Tumblr = ME! Twitter = ME! Pinterest = Oh that’s cool (Sorry, I don’t know how that got in there). The list could go on and on, but sadly I am now in the ‘too-old-to-know-all-the-new-age-stuff-kids-are-into-nowadays’ category, so that is all you get. So, if I hate the idea of blogs, then why on earth would I start one??

Great question, thanks for asking!

The answer lies within a deeper reality, the reality of truth that lies just below surface. That surface comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It can be a mask, a wall of protection, a front, saving face, naivety, ignorance, fear, or in most people’s case that surface is called a lie. In regards to myself the answer is just under a lie I tell myself in order to protect myself.

The truth below the surface is; I hate blogs because I am afraid that if I write one, no one will care about what I have to say.

That is the truth, but I also don’t think people should care about what I say or any other stranger (maybe that’s another lie I am telling myself, haha). Yet, I find myself loving quite a few blogs from other people, even a few of you that are reading this now. I love the entertainment, the jokes, the shared experiences, and how we as individuals can relate to others in more aspects than we ever take the time to realize. It’s awesome… unless the blog sucks. Then it’s not awesome, not awesome at all.

So, now that you know I don’t really hate blogs, why am I still doing this (besides overcoming my fear)?

The answer is simple and overly complex, while being stupidly honest. I want to be a writer. Technically I am a writer, and so are you. I want to be a published author. Technically I am a published author in a little known magazine. I want to be an author of books that get published and make money, so I can spend all of my work hours writing because it is my greatest passion (other than God, my wife, my daughter, my family, my friends, and the Atlanta Braves). I am currently in the process of writing my first novel, having written 273 pages with approximately 200 more to write. Don’t you worry too much, because I am under no delusions of grandeur that this book will be successful, but I can promise that I won’t stop if it is not. I will always write, and bask in the joy of its creative release. At worst, it will give my kids something to skim through in amazement at the colossal waste of time it was for me to pursue my passion. Win win in my opinion.

But that doesn’t explain this blog…

There are many resources out there in the nether that suggest that first time authors should build a fan base through a blog before getting their book published. The blog can even be a sounding board for ideas and chapters, which might be helpful. I want to be a writer full time and this is my first step, because in order for me to pursue my passion I have to actually take action. I have to try. Which means I want you to like what I have to say, and I have to be okay with wanting that. You dig??

Everyone knows that I am very opinionated when it comes to Politics and Religion, but I will try to tone down my political rage and play nice. Yet, I proudly will not hide my faith because that is such a large part of who I am, and to hide it would be a lie. I truly do not know what topics will be covered, but I know marriage, fatherhood, husbandry, work life, and much more will be a focus.

Here is my pledge: I promise to be fully open and honest, and I will try my best to make it fun and light and shorter than this first post.

That’s it, and if you have stuck around long enough to read this last line… Thank you friend of mine.

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6 thoughts on “Huge Dilemma!

  1. I wish you well in this endeavor Josh. To thine own self be true dear friend!! Follow your passion wholeheartedly, for it is those who do not that slowly begin to waste away and become just another Sheeple! Use your words to not only lift your own consciousness but those around you who seek to be aided in their own lifting. Welcome to the world of creators, a world of unimaginable light! Shine like you’ve never shined before!! 🌟


    1. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, my wise and sweet friend! Life is too short to live safely in the mass of sheeple. To create is life, and to reveal creation is to reveal one’s soul. A scary venture, but easier with encouragement like yours. Thank you.


  2. Looking forward to reading more, Josh! When do we get to know what the book is all about? Also, I encourage you to start working under the “delusion” that your book will find success. It’s okay to desire that, in my opinion, and very healthy to work toward that goal and under that belief. Keep at it!


    1. Great question Brian! I haven’t fully devised a plan on when/what/how to reveal (about) my book. I’m two months away from finishing the 1st draft, and 6-8 months away from a finalized draft after the numerous edits. Either way, I should document the progress and take those who are willing, on the journey with me. So, look for information soon! Also, you are absolutely right! I should work under the delusion of future success– thanks for catching me in my attempt to protect myself from failure– otherwise I’ll never have the chance at success.


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