Shadowy Grave of Hope (2013)

Lost in the dark chilling depths of my own grave, you sought me out.  

Clawing at the cold dirt, seeking solace in the hope of escaping, my entangled thoughts hindered any attempt of freedom.  

The contemplation that I was resolute to a life in darkness grew my fears to an unmanageable monster, leaving me paralyzed though my body still moved.  

I had allowed the enemy to cast me aside with glee and entrap me in the worst prison imaginable… my own mind.  

In the depths of the shadows I had lost the ability to decipher between what my heart was telling me, and what my mind was telling me.

My desires to escape clouded my mind like a never ending fog.

 I was lost, I was alone, and I was desperate.

With no other option… I gave up.  

I would die in this deep grave.  

Though I would not have peace with my fate, I could see no other relief.  

It was over…


As I lay and await my tragic ending, I stared up at the black and soulless night.

A dull spec came into focus.  

It slowly transitioned into a dim light.  

I couldn’t take my eyes from the anomaly.

It continued to brighten and grow before my very eyes.  

What was it?  

Why was there light in this dark hell?

It was beginning to shine brighter and grow.  

The light’s beams started to spread across the sky.

I shielded my eyes as the light became painfully bright.  

With the screaming beams destroying the shadows I was finally able to see the shattered and war torn walls of my grave.  

I feared this light more than any shadow that haunted me.  

I was blind.  

I couldn’t think, what was this??

Shielding my eyes I looked up.  

A hand was reaching for me.  

This beautiful hand of hope out reached for my grasp hung like a beacon of freedom.  

At first I feared to grab this hand that looked perfect but battle torn.  

It bleed from the center with a puncture wound on display.  

I didn’t know who or what this was, but I could feel a strange sense of love pouring from this hand. 

I grabbed it. 

The hand and whoever was on the other end of it, lifted me from the place I once called home. 

As I reached the surface the beam of light encompassed my entire being. 

It flooded every pore of my skin and burst through my body.


I was saved. 

I was safe from myself, and my own prison. 

I was free from my entrapping thoughts and my lying heart. 

There were no cold walls, only light!

Hope had sprung me from an eternity of doom.

I was alive. 

I am born to a new beginning. 

I don’t understand this peace, nor do I deserve this gift, but I do know that I will never go back!! 

You cannot make me! I am free!! 

I still cannot see, because this light is entrapped in me and is shining so brightly around me that nothing but light is in sight. 

Oh, what did I do to deserve this gift? 

How can I repay that battle torn hand? 

For now, I will walk as a beacon of light and give hope to those I come across. 

No longer will I allow a tormented soul to rot in those shadowy graves. 

Let this light shine! 

Let it shine for all to see!!


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