Dream Cookies & Fear Monsters

When did fear take over our society? I mean it didn’t just take over, it completely obliterated any evidence of testicular fortitude. AKA, do people with balls still exist? Don’t worry ladies, I’m talking about metaphoric balls, not the kind that wobble to and fro, and can be thrown over your shoulder like a continental soldier, so you are included too.

“Ahem! Correlating testicular fortitude as a shield against fear is extremely sexiest!” Said the feminist.

“I don’t care if you think it was offensive, because an image of a ‘big pair’ is more vividly powerful than words like determination, inclusion, and emotional safe zones.” Said the Ronald Frump.


Oh no! Not another rant…


Okay, I’ll back off (a little). Seriously though, I see a lot of people laced with fear, bogged down with pessimism, and swimming in the ordinary because of it. I should know, because I am usually one of those people. It’s so much easier to feed the fear monster when trying to achieve your dreams. The more you feed that fear monster your dream cookies, the louder it yells what you want to hear, which is; “your dreams aren’t possible so don’t even try!”

“Oh thank goodness, I was afraid that I would prosper more than my neighbor, but thankfully I can remain equally miserable as them in the name of equality!” Said the I-learned-about-activism-from-my-old-crotchety-white-liberal-college-professors-and-was-gullible-enough-to-believe-them-instead-of-thinking-for-myself-and-living-life liberal millennial.


It’s a lie, and it’s the worst kind. It’s the kind you tell yourself, and you’re so convincing that you believe it. Your dreams ARE possible and should be pursued. You long for them, and want them, but you hide from them.

Don’t let fear win, and here is how you defeat fear:

The next time you feel fear, you need to run towards it (disclaimer: except for life threatening situations, which should be obvious).

If you have a certain anxiety, run towards it. If you’re afraid to fail, fail a million times. If you know you should do something but are scared, do it!

Fear is usually an indicator that you are about to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Do you know what happens when you do that? You grow, you evolve, you conquer, and you get new fears to run after. Think about it this way; being in a state of fear is an emotional state and will get you absolutely no where because it is not an action. So a person who is afraid of failure can believe the lie and forever stay in the emotional (non-active) state of fear and NEVER accomplish anything, or they can run towards that fear meeting it head on, doing whatever it is they are scared of, which is full of action.

Your great fear should be to not have any fear. If you never feel fear again, it means you will always be in the exact same spot and situation you are currently in, for the rest of your life. No growth. No wisdom. No life. No fun.

Can’t you see, that one option is to do nothing, and the other is to do something? People equate fear to survival instinct, but think about your own fears and how many of them are actually deadly, it’s not many.

I want to encourage you to attack your own fears head on and continue doing that, and you might just accomplish your goals, reach your dreams, and do great things. Even if this little advice, if taken, doesn’t get you to the finish line, at least it has you moving and not stagnant in a disgusting pool of fear.


Don’t feed your DREAM COOKIES to the FEAR MONSTER, you go ahead and eat those cookies and get fat with your big dreams!


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