10 Lessons We Can Learn from Our Children

Lesson 1

I doubt that I am the only parent pondering the wonderment that is our children. Children are truly amazing in so many aspects, ceasing to blow us away daily, and they do it by simply living life and being themselves. If we are to be wise adults, then we have to learn wherever learning can be done. In this case we all have the opportunity to learn from our children. Yes, the same little rug rats that we are trying to teach can in turn be teaching us. Below is the 1st of 10 lessons we can learn from our children.

  1. Play hard. Sleep hard. We can all get frustrated at times with the unrelenting energy that kids exude throughout their day, but it’s only frustrating because we lack that exuberance and unrelenting energy. Children go hard at every activity like it’s the first and last time they will get to experience whatever it is they are doing. Even if they fight sleep tooth and nail—what does that even mean? – they eventually crash. When they crash, they crash hard, like seismic collisions of childtectonic plates and bedtectonic plates. Then comes magnitude 5 exhalation quakes as parents sigh in relief. It’s at this point that one might plop down on the couch and bask in the glory of momentary silence, or for the nap-capable a trip to “this-might-make-me-more-tired” town for a dream show. PS: non-nappers need to stop hating on the “nap-capable”. It’s not our fault you can’t relax at a moments notice!

Let’s examine this loop of playing hard and then sleeping hard, and determine WHY they do it, and if it’s something worth learning from and implementing in our own lives.

WHY? Why play so hard that you crash into sleepy exhaustion whether you want to or not? I believe children attack life with exuberance because new experiences and learning are fun, especially when you have no worries or stresses in life. As adults, we have done and experienced a lot of things, some mind blowing and some painfully boring. Even when experiences are new to us, we still have similar past experiences.

Example: You experience something new and freaking awesome. Even if the “something” is new, you’ve probably experienced something “freaking awesome” before.

Nothing feels that new for us anymore. New is fun! Not new is just repetitive, dull, boring, and lethargic inducing pointless motion. If you add on top of the boring pile the fact that life’s worries can dominate our thoughts, ruining our activities, then you get misery which I believe is the opposite of fun… but I could be mistaken.

The point is; it’s much harder to have fun in life when you are stressing and worrying about very adult things. Adult things like; bills, relationships, parenting, dreams, lack of dreams, losing weight, kids future, and the list goes on and on. Did I mention bills, relationships, or parenting????

How do we look at life as if we have no worries/stress and everything is new, shiny, and fun?

There is no one good sweeping answer that encompasses everyone, but there is at least some advice I can give. Changing our own minds start with Self-REALIZATION, which is a key in most addiction therapies too. We have to realize that our worries, and past experiences can hinder our excitement at daily life, making it boring and repetitive or even stressful. Once you realize this, then you have the option to decide a different path. Choose not to worry, because worrying is the most useless activity on earth! Truly, and without doubt! My favorite quote about ‘worry’ is; “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” So stop worrying or better yet do something (Activity) to change whatever it is that is worrying you.

Next, start to look for wonderment and new discoveries in the daily routines. When picking up toys, think about how they might have been made, or if they have any other uses, or how the texture feels in your hand. Sounds weird, but your children are using every opportunity to learn about this world, so why aren’t you? You can’t tell me that you know everything there is to know already. Think about how air feels, what light does in a room, how different smells affect your mood, just think! It’s way more enjoyable than not thinking. Discover, learn, feel, and enjoy the world around you a little bit more and you will feel like life is less mundane.

As a last resort, just lie to yourself. Tell yourself that everything you are doing is fun. Trick your brain. Be that weirdo that is excited to do everything. Be joy. Be happiness. Fake it until you make it. WHY? Because life is so much more fun when you are happy.

If you interact with the world as much as your children do, then you will be exhausted at the end of the day, and you too will crash seismically.

Recap: If you drop the worrying and stress in your mind, and seek discoveries and new experiences in the mundane, and try to learn something new within your daily world, then the energy will naturally come and build upon itself until you are physically and mentally exhausted causing you to crash epically into your comfy bed. Learn to live like your children, because they enjoy your life, so you should too.

Winslow Whataburger

“Who wouldn’t buy from this little expert??”

Next Week: Lesson 2

Pursue the things you want with fierceness”


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