10 Lessons We Can Learn from Our Children- LESSON 2

Lesson 2

  1. Play hard. Sleep Hard.
  2. Pursue the things you want with fierceness. It has been said that children are the best sales people in the world, and having taught sales for nearly 5 years, I believe it. Kids are incredibly persistent when they want something. They don’t give up! They try different tactics until they get the result they want. The rely upon old tactics that normally work with you, and they invent new ones. When they want something, you know it. Heck, everyone knows it. They are not shy in their want’s, and they don’t beat around the bush (unless that tactic works with you). Kids pursue the things they want with a ferocious tenacity, and so should you!When I say that children are great sales people, let me paint you a scenario. You and your toddler are in Target, doing some shopping. You accidently forget to avoid the toy aisle and he sees a new (insert favorite superhero’s name) toy that he doesn’t have. Uh oh.“Mom, can I please have the new super duper awesome blaster gamma protection cloak-mobile with the off-road atomic ooze ready tires? Please mom can I??” Said the overly knowledgeable toy company brainwashed child that you probably birthed. (Tactic- educate the buyer, and provide value by describing the problems the toy will solve, aka safe passage over invisible atomic ooze—Also, very important, he asked for the sale!)

    “No, we are not here for toys, I’m sorry.” The extremely energized because she just downed a triple shot grande skinny vanilla latte from the Starbucks in the Target mom replied. (Objection, not in the market for ooze ready vehicles for figurines. Important to note that this is not the real objection and kid knows that.)

    “But why? I’ll be good. If I promise to be good, then can I have it?” Boy wonder asks. (Asking questions to find the real objection, while providing an incentive or more value is great sales, but most important he again asks for the sale/toy. It is widely said in the sales world that you must ask for the sale a minimum of 5 times before getting the final yes.)

    “Because I said so, and I only have money for school clothes right now.” Super mom replies. (Objection two is money, the kid is getting closer to the real reason for no.)

    “What if I pay for it with the money from my piggy bank? Then can I have it?” He sweetly voiced the rebuttal. (Money was the objection, so he provides a cost effective solution, then he AGAIN asks for the sale/toy.)

    Now, I could go on and on, and the little boy probably still wouldn’t be walking out of the store with the toy, but that is not the point. The point is the persistence he showed in trying to achieve his goal of obtaining the toy. Quite a few kids in that scenario win, and get the toy. There is only one type of kid that NEVER EVER GETS THE TOY in that scenario, and that is the one who doesn’t ask for it. That is powerful to realize people! You may win some and lose some when you pursue the things you want, but you will win absolutely nothing if you never try…

    Another scenario that showcases children and their persistent actions they take in their attempt at getting what they want, and it is the earliest example of it: A newborn will scream their lungs out to get food when they are hungry. They won’t quit screaming until they get what they want. It’s crazy to me that in our most basic form of humanity, we ALL naturally ACT to achieve a need or want. What is crazier is that we as adults don’t always take ACTion to achieve what we want.

    Our hearts have deep desires or passions, and sometimes it takes a long time to realize what those are. I think the reasons for that are many and different for all. I also think that we are born with those and they relate to God given talents, and it’s okay if you disagree with me, but then I would ask why some art is better than others, or some thinkers more profound, or some athletes more athletic. Randomness (the absence of God) and environment/experiences seldom explain “Talent”. I’m getting off topic, sorry.

    Whenever you discover your talent– Yes,we all have one or many ­­– whatever that talent is, you should take your cue from children and attack it with fierceness, persistence, blinding steadfastness, and be undeterred in your pursuits.

    Sell your dream to anyone who will hear it, and even anyone who won’t. Keep asking for the things you want, and don’t give up when you hear “NO”. This isn’t selfish, this is at the core of who you are, it’s why you are here. It’s why you were created.

    I’m not advocating for a bunch of childish adult brats screaming and crying until they get their way. I am saying that we can learn from our children in this aspect.

    Step 1- Figure out what you want

    Step 2 through Step infinity- Do whatever it takes until you get what you want by making it known and trying different methods of attack.

    I cannot help you find your talent(s), nor can I stop you from pursuing a goal with good or ill will, but I can say: Your child is a dang good sales person, and you might get more out of life if you learn from them and TRY to achieve the goals you want to achieve in life.


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