10 Lessons We Can Learn from Our Children. Lesson 3: Smile Often

10 Lessons We Can Learn from Our Children. PART 3

Is it only lesson 3? It was a little silly of me to only provide 10 Lessons when this series could go on forever.

I hope you are enjoying these little windows into lessons I have learned, because I am enjoying the chance to see my beautiful baby girl as an opportunity to better myself. I want to be the best man, husband, and father possible. I want her to have a strong steady man to provide her with an example of love. That man has to be me. I never wanted, nor thought I should be a role model, but I quickly realized that fatherhood is in fact being a role model. Yikes!

Below is number 3 of 10 lessons we can learn from our children.


  1. Play hard, sleep hard.
  2. Pursue the things you want with fierceness.
  3. Smile often.


Smile Often

This very well may be the simplest of all the lessons we can learn from our children. Smile often. Are you asking yourself right now if you smile enough? What is enough? How often is often. Let me make this easy and take away your worry and strife.

How about we just smile MORE?

What do we even get out of smiling? I mean really, what’s the point? Before either of those can be answered, first we must determine the elements of a child’s smile. The why’s, when’s, and frequency behind their little precious smiles.


Why not? No seriously why not? They smile because they are alive. They smile playing with a favorite toy, eating a favorite snack, watching a favorite movie. Let’s face it, they have a lot of favorites. They smile when they feel loved, safe, excited, humorous, imaginative, proud, giving, and for no good reason at all. Some, mostly boys and a rare few girls, smile when they fart. I guess that never changes with age… (guilty).


They smile every single time they feel happy. Without fail, they smile at happiness.


Why is the frequency of their smile important? It’s important because it reveals the biggest clue behind their constantly smiling happy faces. They smile all of the time because they have short memories. They don’t constantly dwell on the negative. They don’t stress, worry, or complain. Well they do complain, so I take that back. They don’t have responsibilities, or broken relationships and a crummy job. They have life and that life consists of what is in front of them. They live in the here and now, and not in the past or the hope of a better future. They live in the now.


Why is this important to us grown ups?

It seems that one could come to their own conclusion at this point, but I like to rabble rabble and repeat myself 400 times, so sorry not sorry, here is my conclusion.

The past is where you learn.

The present is where you live.

The future is what you plan for in the event that you have a tomorrow.

If that is true, then we should all be living life in the present. Kids live life in the present. They don’t worry about their future, and they certainly learn from the past, but they live in the present. Adults spend WAY TOO MUCH time in the past, and WAY TOO MUCH time thinking about the future. That is just silly, and not logical. The past already happened, so why waste time, energy and life re-living it? The future is not guaranteed to happen, so why focus so much time on it? Live in the present. Live right now.


Stop worrying soooooooo much and enjoy the now. As much as you think that you can worry about what is happening in your life right now, you’re wrong. It’s impossible to worry about anything happening right now. Worry is the feared results of an anticipated action or event. You think you are worrying about your situation, but really you are worrying about what will happen to you in the future, because of your situation that has already happened. I say this, hopefully enlightening you to an epiphany about the true nature of worry that just came to me, but mainly because you need to know that your self-imposed road blocks to living in the present, do nothing to improve your life. You will never be able to smile more often, unless you live in the present. Living in the present means not wallowing in the past, and not worrying about the future. Living in the present means living. Children live in the present, and children smile more often than adults. So, if you want to smile often, you now know how. Yeah you!


Trust me… you want to smile. Smiling is infectious and will make those around you happier. Which in turn makes you more likable, a better friend, and a leader. Yes, people flock to a person who smiles, and if people flock to a person, that person is a leader whether they want the title or not. Smiling tricks your brain into being confident, just ask any slumping salesmen. Smiling releases endorphin’s in your body, giving you energy and the chemical form of happiness. Smiling burns calories. Smiling often will force a negative person to think more positively, more frequently.

Dang! Smiling is awesome!!!!!!


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