White Privilege is Stupid & Racist

I am really tired of hearing about “White Privilege”, aren’t you? Even if you are tired of hearing about it, you have been silenced by the fear of being called racist. Well, guess what? If you’re white, then you are a racist… at least that’s what I am being told constantly by media and liberals.

To sum up my understanding of ‘White Privilege’; it is the acknowledgement that I am racist, that I should feel guilt and shame at my ancestors for owning slaves, and that I have it so much easier in America because I am white, and having it easier in America should make me feel horrible and cause me to act towards atonement.

Let’s rip this idiocy to shreds in 3… 2… 1…

I truly admire Martin Luther King Jr, and not because I would be labeled a racist if I didn’t, but because of what he taught me about humanity. In his famous speech “I Have a Dream”  (video) on the steps of my 6th favorite place in the world, the Lincoln Memorial, he said that a person should be judge on the content of their character. Wow… that is so powerful.


If you do not worry about the race aspect, but instead focus on what those few words mean, then brilliance is revealed. No matter how you grew up, what color your skin is, how rich your parents were, what country you came from, what country you live in now, how smart you are, how beautiful you are, how ________________ you are, it is our character that defines us.

Our character is what matters. How we treat others is what matters. What we do when we are pinned against the wall matters. It’s our heart that matters. God knows our hearts, and hearts are the keepers of our salvation.

I truly love and admire MLK, JR. He was such an inspiration for ALL people, and an amazing light for Jesus. Yet, what I saw on a day of celebration in his name, is disheartening. So many people want to speak for a man that is dead. Even I tend to think about how he would feel about race relations today. My imaginary MLK in my head says that black people have skewed his message of self-responsibility and turned it into the blame game. But of course that makes me racist just thinking that…

I’m white, so I am not allowed to speak about racism, unless I am calling myself and all white people racist. Hmm… okay. That makes perfect sense to me. I’m so glad liberal white social science professors straightened me out. Or better yet, liberal black social science teachers seconding a wrong from an ironically unblemished high horse of moral authority.

Guess what? I have experienced racism. Yep, I’ve experienced it quite a few times in my life, and it came from both Mexicans and Black people. Most of it was comical, and some of it scary, particularly on a street corner of Baltimore and at a convenience store in San Antonio. Racism exists, but what good does it do to scream about it? If I called all Mexicans and Blacks racist because of what I experienced, would that change the past or the future? Racism existed 5,000 years ago, and will exist in 5,000 years from now.

I think if you look for racism in every situation, you are a racist. If you blame any of your circumstances on your skin color, rather than yourself, then you are a racist. Being a racist is stupid. Being a racist is easy. Being a racist is being full of hate, and trust me when I say that love is much harder to give than hate.

Now, I’m going to step off of my racism soapbox and onto my “White Privilege” soapbox. I am white, so technically I am not allowed to talk about this, and I am also racist, just by being white… so this should be interesting (hopefully you get sarcasm or this could really get ugly).

Here are 3 reasons why White Privilege is STUPID!

  1. Not ALL white people have it easier than another race.

    Does a white person have it easier over another race? I’m sure there is some truth to that, but it stereotypes all races. Saying white privilege exists, is to blatantly claim that all races in America have it harder than white people. That assumption discredits other races and props up one race… ah… is that racism?? How did white people get this advantage? Born with it? Earned it? Stole it? How? White privilege would mean that the poorest, most ignorant, uneducated white person has it easier in life than ALL people of color (POC). Can you imagine if Mexico did this? Excuse me mister brown skinned Mexican citizen, can you feel guilty and punish yourself because your white skinned Mexican citizen brethren have less privilege than you? Oh, No? Um… not sure how to deal with that… Pinche wey! Yep… that is stupid!

  2. Feeling guilt for what our ancestors did.

    So, you came from a French ancestry, and your familial lineage is rooted in Louisiana. So, though you have no slave owning ancestors, and your family is of French decent, you are white and live in the south, which means you are a…. RACIST! Yep… Stupid! I think I had a slave owner or two in my ancestry, and I don’t feel guilty about it. That’s right, I don’t. Why? Because that person had/has nothing to do with me. That is guilt by association of more than 100 years. That makes perfect sense. Am I being judge by my character or that of my great great great grandfathers? Also, the early settlers in America did use slaves, but it was the (black) Africans that enslaved them and sold them, and to this day they STILL SELL SLAVES!! So, me feeling guilty about what my ancestors may or may not have done is, yep… Stupid!

  3. Things are given to me because I am white.

    So, last time I checked, there wasn’t a “White” handout station, where I could go to get a better education, better job opportunity, and overall better life. Let’s assume there is some validity to white privilege– though we all know what assuming does to you and me. If it does exist, then it tells the world that I didn’t work hard to achieve my accomplishments, and that I got them with ease because of my skin color. Yep… that’s stupid. What kind of message does that send to POC? It teaches POC to hate white people for getting gifts in life that were not earned. It says that white people hate POC because they do not give those same opportunities to POC. It teaches that hard work has nothing to do with life’s circumstances. It teaches POC to give up, because there is no point in working hard, you’ll never reach a white persons success. Yep… stupid!


If you cannot see through the BS to the truth, then you are part of the problem. If you cannot focus on someone’s character, then you are part of the problem. If you cannot see that God created us all as equal children of God, then you are the problem. If you focus on racism and seek it out in all interactions then you are the problem.

If you ignore racism and strive for success, you’ll see success. If you stop blaming others for your problems, and take responsibility for yourself and your family, then you will grow with wisdom, financially, and spiritually.

Racism only exists through people blaming others for their problems. Racism is espoused through the truly ignorant, and from those drowning in insecurities. Racism is easy. Racism is stupid. Those blaming their life’s problems on white privilege are racist. Those feeling guilty because of white privilege are ENABLING those who feel abused by it.


Will you choose to love all people, or to hate people who are different than you? Wait… isn’t everyone unique? Wait… there are not any group of people that are the same as you.

Choose love, people! Stop adding fuel to the fire with pushing other people’s agendas.

I love all of you, especially that poor, seldom bathed, Jewish, Carpenter, middle eastern, long haired, long bearded, trouble making, preacher of love, the non-white, Jesus Christ.


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