How to Become an Awesome Artist in 3 EASY Steps!


Have you ever wanted to be an artist? Ever wanted to know how artistic people got their gift? You might be surprised. Find out how to become an awesome artist in 3 easy steps, by reading this post.

How to Become an Awesome Artist in 3 EASY Steps!

Art is a language. Art is the universal language of all creators. Artists speak their emotions, thoughts, questions, mood, and much more through their creations. Art comes in many forms and is not bound by rules, but only one’s self-imposed limitations (limitations are foolish BTW). It’s okay to love or hate art. It’s alright to think some art sucks, I certainly do, and I am someone who knows the effort it takes to create art. Living in Northern Virginia, my wife and I had the luxury of going to the Mall in downtown Washington DC, a lot. No, the Mall is not a place where people can be killed from the toxins called perfume that come from murderous stores like Abercrombie & Fitch (Seriously though, do they dump a gallon of perfume in their store before opening? Sorry, back to point making). The Mall in DC, is a strip of land with museum after museum in a line across from another row of museums, and is book ended with the US Capital building and the Lincoln Memorial.

[ = = = = = = ] Kind of like this weird dash diagram that my terrible graphics department came up with…

Anyways, we went to the National Art Museum as often as humanly possible, and loved the Claude Monet section, as well as many others. I love art. Yet, I hate most modern art. It just seems sooooo stupid. Why are they always trying to make me feel something or see something that no one else can see or understand? The old masters who painted incredible works of art, had to actually have skill to create their masterpieces. I love that stuff.

I’m going to help you become an AWESOME Artist in 3 Easy Steps. So, let’s get to it.


STEP 1: TRY to create some Art

That sounds easy enough. Maybe some are already saying; “but I have and I sucked” I’ve got a really important secret to reveal, but you can’t tell anyone. ALL ARTIST SUCK in the beginning. It’s true. While you may see an early attempt at art by someone, and think it’s amazing, it sucks compared to what that artist will be able to do in a few years.

Here is an example of my progression: The painting on the left is my first… yeah I know… embarrassing. The painting on the right would be my 4th painting ever.

Here is an example of my wife’s first painting, and her latest few.

20131025_123630 Her first painting…

Her last few:


My wife has only been painting for less than two years. I think it is safe to say that all artists suck when they first start out.

So, the first step is to try it. We try it because we don’t know what we like until we try it, just like food! You may hate to paint, but like to draw. Maybe Sculpting is your thing. Maybe poetry, writing, knitting, sand drawing, sand sculpting, wood work, and so many more mediums.

Try art, and determine what you like to do, even if you suck at it.


Step 2: Learn Techniques & Practice

Again, sounds simple enough. It is simple, but this part is not easy, and can be frustrating. This is where most people who try art, quit art. If you don’t learn techniques then you will never progress from that first piece of art you “tried”. Here is where you can learn techniques:

  • Online videos (Youtube, art websites)
  • Local community college classes
  • Specialized art teaching programs, usually in some random strip-mall
  • Drink and Paints. There are a lot of brands, but I always see people going to those studios where everyone drinks wine and paints the same exact painting but no ones looks the same. You know what I am talking about. I am always surprised at how good they look.
  • Art books

After you have learned a few techniques, you have to practice them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…. You get the point. And Over, and over and over… sorry.

Practice fast and in great quantities. Waste paper, pen, ink, paint, clay, hours, and whatever else you are getting into. I was terrible at drawing, and was forced to practice over and over in my first and only art class I took in college. Now, those techniques are burned into my brain, which allows my hands to do what my eyes see (for the most part).


Step 3: Make Art

Yep… that is it. No grand secret to greatness. The reality with art, is that it is like anything in life. Success comes with hard work, and no one starts out being great at something. Michael Jordan was not a good basketball player in high school, or at least not good enough to make his team. My wife and I were terrible at painting, and our first paintings are evidence. You will get better with practice, and it can happen surprisingly quick. My drawing I did for my art final was the switch that literally clicked. My art teacher actually asked me in front of the whole class, “What finally clicked for you, because this is a million times better than your other stuff?” It’s always nice to get a compliment in the form of, “I’m really surprised you did something worth a crap, because normally you suck big time!”


Why don’t you become the surprising artist who had something finally click? All it takes is time, effort, and a little money (in some cases). You may find your calling. You may find a stress release. You may find the most incredible hidden talent.


Good Luck!


3 thoughts on “How to Become an Awesome Artist in 3 EASY Steps!

  1. This is awesome and encouraging and helpful! I started painting just about a year ago, my stuff is all still abstract crap (if you splatter white paint over a mess of colors and call it space, you can sort of fool people though), but I insist on carrying on anyway (PS even both your “starter” paintings are awesomesauce, so kudos to you two). I actually think you make a great point about technique and actually LEARNING (both things I have been too lazy to do), so I’m gonna go ahead and give that a shot 🙂


    1. Did we just become blog buddies? I think so!!! I think it’s awesome anytime someone pushes their boundaries with something new, especially when it’s art. Who knows, your ‘abstract crap’ could appeal to a ton of people. I guarantee you someone would buy your work if you posted it on Saatchi. I truly hope you keep painting, because a year from today, you will laugh with polite pity at younger, less talented Shelbi. Talent fades or grows with the effort we put into it, and there is no in between. Can you imagine 10, or 20 years of laughing at your previous work? You’d produce some insanely great paintings. Don’t be lazy, learn some techniques. Being lazy is a great excuse for people who are afraid of failure (or success ), one of which I use to stall my writing. You’re awesome, and I appreciate the kind words. Good luck with your shot of try!


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