Since today’s post was about art, and becoming an artist, I thought it prudent to introduce you all to a huge inspiration to me. His name is:

Baron Batch

While I do not know him personally, I’ve had the pleasure of watching his life change dramatically as he pursued his dreams.

Baron Batch- Texas Tech- Football- Red RaidersI first heard Baron’s name during my last year at Texas Tech University. Baron was a running back for the Red Raider football team from 2006-2010 (WRECK ‘EM TECH!!). He was a part of the team the rose to number 2 in the national polls. He was a part of the team that saw Michael Crabtree grab Graham Harrell’s pass, somehow evading a Texas Longhorn defender while tip toeing down the sideline at the second to score the game winning touchdown against our most hated rival!

Baron then spent a few years in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was cut by the Steelers in 2013, and instead of trying out for the multiple teams that called him, he decided to retire.

Baron Batch-Steelers-Football-Player

Why would he retire at such a young age, and with multiple teams wanting to give him a shot at NFL glory?


Baron felt the overwhelming drive to follow his passion and spend his life as a creator. If you just look at Baron Batch’s Facebook page, you will see the progression of skill, quantity, and style from his early art pieces to what he produces now. Like I said, all artist start out at a point where they probably think they suck (not that others think that), but with practice, time, effort, and drive; a few years later your art can be incredible like Baron’s.

Something that Baron does that is the coolest thing that I’ve seen any artist do is his FREE ART giveaways. He puts a piece of his art somewhere random in the city of Pittsburgh and takes a picture as a clue, and posts it on his social media pages. Then, anyone has the opportunity to find it and keep a free treasure of art. I love that.

Baron Batch- Art- Free art- Pittsburg- Art drop free

I just felt the need to introduce a fellow Red Raider, who followed a passion for Art. He truly inspires me, and he deserves appreciation. Below are some links to get to know him a little more.

Baron Batch Facebook Page

Studio AM Facebook Page

Studio AM Website



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