A Conservative Christian’s Views on Gay Issues

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This subject matter can be very sensitive to all parties involved. As usual, I will opt for openness and honesty with this subject, rather than political correctness.


If you read my post from Tuesday, “A Straight Man’s Confession About His Gay Friend” and you know my personal beliefs (Religious & Political), then you may have had a few questions. Believe it or not, I have answers (Is sarcasm still sarcasm if you announce it’s sarcasm?)

Yes, I am conservative in my political views. Yes, I am Christian in my faith. Yes, my Christian faith aligns me closely with conservative social stances.

Yes, I have a friend I call brother who is gay. So, how does that mesh? Or does it?


First, we all need to realize that disagreement does not equal hate.

If I disagree with someone’s actions, it does not mean that I hate them. I am so sick and tired of the liberal left yelling that people who disagree with abortion, hate women. I’m offended when liberals say that republicans are bigots, and hate-mongers, because they disagree with gay marriage. Disagreement does not equal hate.

Let’s tackle a few topics.

  • Gay marriage
  • Being Gay and Sin
  • On being born gay


Gay Marriage:

Gay Marriage is a hotly debated topic, and America’s stance has dramatically changed since the turn of the century. I should also note, I had this debate with Danny years before it became cool to have the debate. You should also know that we disagreed then, and probably still do, but are still friends. Why? Because we are adults, and thankfully he does not equate disagreement with hate, like so many in the media do.

Since the dawn of man, marriage has been defined as the legal and/or union of a man and a woman.

“It is my belief, that marriage should remain, and always be defined as a union between a man and a woman.” 

WAIT! That statement just made me a bigot, who doesn’t want equal rights for gay people and the whole internet knows I said it… well, all 12 of you.

WRONG! As stupid as some of you might think I am or sound, I am all for gay people having equal rights. I think they totally should have the right to join in a union with their partner, so that they have equal legal rights as straight couples. (Insert snarky joke about gay couples having equal rights to misery… blah blah, but I won’t, because my marriage is awesome!) I just do not believe they should call it marriage. I think it is crazy to change the definition of a word to fit something that totally changes the previous definition and meaning. That is crazy. It is my suggestion, and view, that gay people should have the legal right to join together in a union with a different name, not called marriage. Call it whatever you want. Have the gay community vote on what to call it, and have it be their own word for what is known as marriage. Marriage will be defined as it always has been and the new word voted on by the gay community will be defined as a legal and/or union of two people of the same sex.

Equality in this case is having the same legal rights, which does not mean we have to use the same word for two different definitions. Especially when one of the words, ‘marriage’, has always been understood under an unchanging definition.

Simple, I’m all for gay marriage and the rights that come with it, just call it something else. I should also state that it is my belief that the federal government should have absolutely no say in an issue that has always been a state decision, which is directly voted on by that state’s people.

I try not to intertwine my political views with my faith. Instead I look to argue with logic and reason, and in this case it is a matter of semantics.


Being Gay and Sin:

As a Christian, do I think being gay is a sin?

Yes… I do.

Before you start sending hate mail, hear me out. I get extremely annoyed at any Christian that preaches from their pulpit, whether that be social media, or a sermon, about the sinfulness of being gay. Here is why; being gay or committing the sexual sin of being with another person of the same sex is no more sinful than the 500+ sins I commit in a day. I really hope I commit less than 500 sins in a day. Anyways, being gay is no different than me cussing at my windshield when someone cuts me off. It’s no different than the million sinful judgments I make about others in my head. It is no different than any sin. Sin is sin, is sin. Get it? Got it? Good! Who am I to judge?

I disagree with the gay life style. I am sorry, I just do, from a biological and religious standpoint. I also disagree with my lifestyle of disobedience to God, and my own sinful ways. I am no different than my gay brethren, and they are no different than I. If I judge a gay person for their sin, I am a fool who is telling another person to remove the splinter from their eye, while I have a HUGE plank in mine.

I truly try to leave the judging of others in the hands of the perfect judge, God All Mighty. Therefore, while I acknowledge and agree with the bible’s teachings that two men or two women who have sexual relations is a sin, I do not cast judgment on those who engage in that sin, because I too engage in sin daily (just of a different variety). I instead choose to love the character of the person, their heart, as I hope I showed in my Tuesday post about my friendship with Danny.


Do I think that a person is born gay?

This may be my most controversial answer yet, but it is very much associated to my biblical perspective. If I leave religion out of it, then I think the answer is yes and no.

Yes, many/most gay people are born with that sexual preference. No, I think a few gay people become gay with life events and circumstances that change their desires. I’m not gay, so what the heck do I know??

Since I cannot erase my faith based views, how then do I really feel about the question? Well, I believe two men (or women) having sex with each other is a sin, as mentioned earlier. I also believe that people are born with certain affinities to particular sins over others. In other words, some people lie more than others. Some people steal more than others. Some people gamble more than others. Some people follow false idols more than others. Everyone is born with a certain sin that they seem to struggle with more than others. Therefore, I think gay people are born with the tendency to commit their particular sin more than others. So, yes, within my biblical view, I do think being gay is something you are born with.


You are allowed to think what you want, and to judge me how you want, you filthy judger! Hahaha, I don’t know why I like to call people filthy judgers so much, but I think it’s because I am usually just as bad, or have been at one point.

The point of this post is to show that disagreement does not mean hate, and that personal beliefs pertain to how one should examine their own life, not to use as a guideline to judge others.


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