Generosity of Love

Those moments in life, full of unexpected joy, are the rarest of moments within the reel of our life’s movie. We feel happiness and excitement often, but joy is deeper and greater than anything felt often. Rareness holds the most value in gems and jewels. Rareness also holds the most value in feelings. Pure joy is rare and precious.

It is said that God gave the world, his creation, a set of commandments and rules to live by so that we may live this life in joy. It’s hard to believe that His intention  was our benefit with the commandments and rules, which are nothing more than telling us “No”, “Don’t do that”, “Don’t say that”, “Don’t think that”. Yet, as a parent I know that when I tell my daughter ‘no’, that I do it out of love, usually to protect her from being hurt, from making mistakes, from feeling pain. So, maybe, just maybe… God’s word is a guideline to experience joy.


I started to realize the truth behind this idea, when I began to be GENEROUS WITH MY LOVE.

Whether you believe Jesus to be God or not, His words and teachings are the epitome of love. He gave His love away like the supply was unending. That raises the question; do we give our love away like it’s an unending supply? Can our love supply run out?

Ironically, I think the only way that your love supply can run out, is to hoard it all to ourselves. If you keep all of your love, then it falls through your hands like sand in an hour glass.

Love is meant for others. Love is meant for relationships.

When you give love, then your supply grows bigger, deeper, and more abundant.

If love were money, would you keep it all for yourself? Would you give a certain amount to your family and friends, but keep the rest? Would you be a rare soul and give it to as many people in need of it as possible?


We MUST give our love away!

We must give love to those most in need of it!

We must not be foolish enough to think that keeping love to ourselves will mean keeping it safe.


Some of you at this moment are probably thinking that you are very loving, and you probably are. Other’s might wonder whether you love others enough. I cannot be the one to tell you whether your heart is full or not, but I can suggest that if you think it needs filling, then give your love away! Give it away and what comes back is an abundance.

How do I know?

(Besides the bible telling me) I know because the more I give my love away in the form of kindness or truth, the more love I feel in return. I am happier when I am generous with my love. That applies to the days that I give my love more fully to my wife, rather than work, or stress. This applies often with family and friends, but what really fills my heart quickly is when I am generous with my love in giving it to strangers.

Here’s what you can do:

Give Compliments

The biggest area in my life that has resulted in a growing abundance of love, is giving compliments. When I have told a few random bloggers how amazing their work is, it has grown into exciting new friendships of mutual interests. When I have told co-workers how much I appreciate them, and how great they are doing, I brighten their day and feel joy in doing so.

It’s simple; when someone is awesome, let them know. Your love will grow.

If you enjoy someone’s company, let them know, even if you assume they know. Your love will grow.

If you appreciate anyone in anything they do, let them know! Your love will grow!

If the bagger at the grocery store does a good job, YOUR love will grow!


If you don’t believe me when I say these things, then try it. Love others. Be vocal with your love. Be generous with your love, and see if it changes you. See if it makes you feel more alive. See if you get addicted to loving others, because of what it does for you!

You could try to give all of your love away, and you’ll never run out. Stop holding it in, letting it die within your heart.

Don’t hold something in out of fear.

My second suggestion is to let it go! “Sing it, Elsa!”

Sometimes, we hold back our feelings because of fear. We don’t tell the stranger how great we think they are because they may think we are a weirdo’s. That is such a stupid lie we tell ourselves. I love compliments. So do you! We feel weird getting them sometimes, because we think we don’t deserve them, but the person giving it thinks you deserve it. Be a giver without fear of repercussions.

You should NEVER fear being nice, kind, loving, generous, or sweet to others.

Take that fear and destroy it with love!


This is such a simple concept, and easy to do… but will you do it?

Loving your family and friends is easy. Loving strangers, those in most direr of need, and even your enemies is the most incredible love deposit to your love bank. If you want an abundance of love and all of the perks that come with love, then be GENEROUS with your love. Give it away to everyone you possibly can, and see what incredible things happen in your life.

I love you all!


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