God (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

Dearest Winslow,


I love you. God Loves you.


Who is God? God is the creator of the universe. God is the always was and always will be. God is love. God is truth. God is justice. God is all powerful and all knowing. God is everything good. God is our Father.

These are all things that your mom and I know to be true, but are truths that you will have to discover yourself.


Attacks against God

The world has always and will always attack God. The world will teach you that God does not exist. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest reasons is that people want to feel like they are in control. They want to hang on to their life and live it the way they want to, so they ignore the truth and run from Him. The world thinks that believing in God means that their life becomes nothing but following rules. But they just don’t understand God’s character.

God is our Father. God has given us commandments and guidelines to help protect our hearts, and give us the easiest path to living a life full of joy. I give you rules for the same reason. I want to protect you, and I want you to be happy with little to no stress or worry in your life.

People who attack God want concrete proof, scientific proof, but in reality they would still deny He existed even if God appeared and spoke directly to them. The truth is; non-believers are not open to the idea of God. Their hearts are hard, and you cannot see truth and evidence when your mind is narrowed and your heart is hard as stone. God is everywhere. Everything in this world is so beautiful, and extremely complex, and some think that complex beauty just sprang into existence out of nothing. Boom! There it is… there is everything! That makes little sense, none in fact. Something has never come from nothing. Zero always equals zero.

People also think we came from monkeys through evolution, yet there is zero evidence of the macro-evolution that they speak of. Their arguments seem so silly, but they believe them so strongly because they have to or else their world as they know it collapses.

People will say God created evil, or that He allows atrocities to happen to “good people”. This is simply wrong. God created us to love Him, and Him love us, to have a relationship with us. The most basic understanding of love is that you cannot force someone to love you, and the same is true with God. Would it be love if you had no choice in the matter? No. So, God gave us freewill so that we could choose to love God. Yet, with the ability for us to make our own decisions, we can accidently or purposely choose wrongly. So, people are the ones that choose to do evil things, not God.

I could go on for hundreds of words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages about the world’s attacks on God. That is not the point, the point is to realize that if you choose to love God as your mother and I have, then you need to know that your God will be attacked from every angle.


Mom’s journey to God

Your mom will tell you all about her love for God. Her journey to and with God was very different from my own. She was raised in a very religious Christian home. Her family went to church every Sunday, prayed before every meal, read the bible, and tried to live Godly lives. She has never known a world without God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. She was active in her church, with bible studies, youth groups, choir, performances, and much more. She was taught to believe in Jesus and nothing ever swayed her from that belief. God’s love and existence was always obvious to her, and it was her truth (the truth). Your mom, my wife, has been an inspiration to me with her strong faith never wavering or faltering. She prays consistently and constantly. She tells God, her Father, all about her life. She speaks to Him about her hopes and dreams, fears and frustrations. Jesus is the most important person in her life. Jesus is more important to her than I am. Jesus is more important to her than you are. God is #1 in her heart, as it should be. Because of her priorities, her life reflects His love through her compassionate heart. She is so loving and kind because God loves her and is her example of how to love and be kind. Your mom is a Christian and has been one her entire life.


Dad’s journey to God

My path to God was much different. I grew up in a home that rarely went to church. I didn’t know what to believe, or that I was even supposed to believe something when I was a kid. I did not know the true meaning of Christmas in the way that it is intended. I did not go to church camps, and felt like an outsider the few times we attended church. Church bored me and had little meaning or importance in my life. As I grew, my life centered more and more around myself. I thought there might be a god, but did not care enough to ponder more deeply on it.

When I was in college, I was surrounded by non-believers and atheists. I related to them more than I ever did the Christians. I wanted to question the Christians silly beliefs, and I truly thought they were the dumbest of dumb. I despised the hypocrisy, because I always felt judge by Christians, but that was my own conscious eating me alive.

In college I was reintroduced to Christianity. I became more open, and my heart was less hard towards the idea of God. I still never stopped questioning the things I had always questioned. Yet, the more I questioned and sought answers, the shorter my list of questions became, because I was finding the answers in the bible. I was understanding God from a logical standpoint, and sought answers through reason rather than feelings and faith. I began to believe.

Over the next several years, I was two people. I was still the same old Josh who sought self-gratification at all costs in my self-centered and self-important world. But at times I would convert into this better version of myself in seeking God and wanting to know him better. I was very hot and cold with God.

It wasn’t until a tragic event of my own doing, that my belief in God became rock solid. After that event my life change forever, and my faith has never wavered since. That event lead me to find your mom, to start my life over, and to be in a loving relationship with Jesus. It lead to my baptism and to me wanting to live my life only to glorify God, to love God, and to make God happy with the way I was living my life. I became a real Christian. I still have questions from time to time, and I seek out ways to logically attack the attackers of God with reason. My biggest goal is to love others, no matter what, because they are all children of God.


How you’ll be raised

You will be raised in a Christian home, because with God being both your mom’s and my top priority, we would be unable to hide that or change that. You will go to church because we will be going to church. You will have the bible read to you because we want you to know the truth. You will be taught to live in a way that is pleasing to God with the understanding that you will fail, just as we all fail. You will be taught to love others. You will know why we believe what we believe. We will always be honest with you.


It’s your decision

Even though you will be raised in a Christian home by two Christian parents, the decision to trust in Jesus as your savior is your decision and yours alone. Just as God cannot force us to love him, because love cannot be forced; you cannot be forced to love Jesus. You have to choose that for yourself. God knows your heart, so He and only He will know when you have made your decision. This is completely up to you sweetheart.


Glorifying God

It is my hope that you do decide to give your life over to Christ by fully trusting that He alone died for your sins against God. If and when you do that, then I hope that your life is a shining beacon of God’s love. Your life should reflect your belief in Christ without even exclaiming it to the world. Every action we take, and every relationship and interaction with the world we have, should be to honor God. We owe God everything. How to best honor God would take much longer than this letter can be, but we will teach you.


I hope and pray that you never forget that God loves you. I hope that you never forget that you are not alone, because God is always with you. I hope you never forget that God is the best friend a person could have, if you just let Him be.

I hope for you…

I pray for you…

I hope…

I pray…

I love you…

I love…

God IS love!


I love you baby girl.


Your heavenly father and your earthly father


A= Amazed & Altered

B= Boys, Boys, Boys

C= Cosmopolitan, Confidence, & Culture

D= Dreamers


F= Friendship

G= God


20 thoughts on “God (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

  1. Beautiful post! I love the end where you say it is her choice, and telling your stories too! It is awesome, sometimes I think that we forget that our parents have stories so real and authentic just like our own! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Well said! My sons are both special needs and some days I really worry about whether or not I can get them to understand about God and how much He loves them. Happy A to Z!


  3. This is a wonderful letter to your daughter, Josh. I appreciate your honesty and truthfulness with her. Every word is clearly spoken with love, an apt reflection of the way our Heavenly Father speaks to us. I wish you all the best as you raise Winslow to follow Him; may He become everything to her.


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