Hit the LIKE Button! (Read why)

When it comes to social media, a change of philosophy is needed. I recently have changed my involvement in social media, which admittedly was out of obligation. Since changing my involvement ‘strategy’ and ‘action’, I have enjoyed it so much more. Maybe you will too, as I lecture you for the next 2 minutes. Well not you, I’m definitely not talking about you. Never you! Though, for some reason I nodded my head as I wrote the last two sentences.

Who are you?

You are the SELECTIVE LIKER’s of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and whatever else brain-cell-killing medium you prefer.

In the past, as a S.L. (Selective Liker), I would enjoy many things on Facebook, and RARELY like any of them.


Here are 3 reasons that I don’t hit the like button:

  1. I know the person, but don’t know know the person. Like, I have said 10 words to them, or we have a ton of mutual friends. It would be awkward when they see my like and think, “Why is he liking my stuff?” (come on, we’ve all thought it)
    • Really?? Are you sure they won’t think, “Awe, that was nice of him. I wonder how his sister is doing?”
  2. I didn’t want to be judged for liking certain things. If I like conservative political pages, then my democrat friends will think less of me.
    • News flash! Both sides think less of the other side, no matter how loud they say “everyone has the right to their own opinion”, which is code for “you’re a dummy!” So, we all just need to be civil about it, and get over it. An even better idea would be to attempt a rational and logical debate without the infusion of emotions…. Which I am terrible at!
  3. Because I used to be friends with that person in the past, but we’ve kind of fallen out of touch, and now I cannot remember if the fall out was on purpose or not, and if it was my fault or theirs.
    • If you cannot remember, then I doubt they can, and the only reason neither of you communicate is because you are both chicken! So, Marty McFly, are you chicken?? Or will they be chicken?? Who will end the Texas standoff? (Another one I am bad at!!)

So those are 3 reasons I don’t “like” a lot of stuff on social media.

There are more, but I think those generally are experienced by a lot of you.

Why should you like peoples stuff?

Here is what I have learned from being obligated to be more active in social media:

Question: What makes you feel better; having 5 likes, 20 likes, 100 likes? Hmmm…. At 5, emotion is unchanged really. At 20, you’re like, “that’s kinda cool”, and at 100 likes you’re like, “DANG! (smiling widely) People really like my cat video!!”

  • Liking something of another person’s makes them happy. Why wouldn’t you want to make other people happy?? They don’t NEED your likes, but they enjoy getting them.

People post things to inform, appreciate, give joy to others from what they enjoyed, and a bunch of other reasons.

So, if you were informed by a post, like it.

If you too, appreciated a post, like it.

If a post gave you joy, like it.

If a post made you laugh, like it!

There is another set of posts that people put out there, and it is ones that take time and effort to create. If you appreciate them as a person, how much effort and time does it take you to click the mouse once?

Wow… this didn’t come off as a pathetic pleading attempt to get people to like my stuff at all!! 

Mission accomplished!


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