Reblog: “What I’ll Remember Most About Turner Field- Atlanta Braves Blog”

When the mammoth Centennial Olympic Stadium was rising across the street just before the ’96 Olympics, I remember looking over from old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and thinking, wow, that is really big. As in, 86,000 seats. The sun is setting on Turner Field, at least as a baseball stadium. It’ll be converted into a smaller…

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It is articles like this yours, which gives me the feeling only baseball can give. A warm, nostalgic, mystical, and magically warm buzz of a child’s (now adult searching for his inner child) love for the purest sport on earth. Thanks for writing it, and sharing the magic you experienced at the TED.turner-field-model

I grew up in Jacksonville, Phoenix, Houston, and Austin. My dad having gone to GA Tech meant the Atlanta Braves baseball games were always on in our home. Thank you TBS!

I loved the Braves with a crazy passion (sometimes unhealthy) for as long as I can remember. I watched them play baseball in person at the Astrodome, Minute-maid Park, and Wrigley before ever going to Turner Field. I might not have ever made the trip to Turner, if it were not for the living legend, my childhood hero (on the field, at least), and favorite ball player Chipper Jones retiring. I had to go see his last home game.

I bought my dad tickets, and we met in Atlanta from DC and Connecticut, respectively. We watched Chipper’s last home series in the regular season, and it was pure magic.


What I remember from Turner Field is the pure electricity surging through every pore of that stadium and it’s fans, as Chipper took each at bat. It was the most intense feeling a fan can ever feel, and it will forever be cemented in my mind until the day I die.

I carry a lot of memories from that weekend, but the TED will always be Chipper’s home, and the shrine of my favorite sports memory.

~Joshua Lemon (


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