MOM (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge



MOM  (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge


Hello Love bug,


I wanted to remind you that I love you, and that will never change.


What a joy I will have in writing these next few pages. It is my up-most pleasure to write about the wonderful soul that you call “MOM”. I wish you knew her like I know her, which is better than anyone on earth, but I know that you both will share a special bond. A bond that at times, I will not understand. You two will have a different, and very special bond that only a mother and daughter can have.

As much as this will be fun for me to write, it is also difficult because I could write about so many wonderful things. It is admittedly hard to find a starting point and to figure out what I want you to know about her.

Should it be things that she might not tell you? I don’t know.

Won’t you discover most of these things without me telling you? Probably.

I’ll start from the beginning, as I usually do…

I’ve always wanted to have children. When I met your mom, I had to make sure that beyond how attractive, fun, amazing, intelligent, Godly, ambitious, loving, funny, and many more attributes; that she would make a good mother.

I had to make sure my future child(ren) would have an amazing mommy. Believe it or not, if Samantha was the most amazing person I had ever met, but didn’t want to be a mom… I probably would not have dated her. Why? Because she wouldn’t have been perfect for me. I wanted children and so my future wife would need to want that as well. Luckily, she did!

From the very beginning, I knew she would be an amazing mom.

She was a nurse when I met her, and was –still is— the most compassionate person I had ever met. She spoke about others, even people she barely knew or had briefly met, with such compassion and love. She truly cared for all people that she came in contact with –unless they burned her, then WATCH OUT!

She was never an “I” person, but a “You” person. “How are you? Tell me about you. Tell me about how you and your spouse met. What can I do for you?”

She was always talking about the people in her life as if they were more important than all the people in the world combined. But she talked about all people that way, not just one in-particular. She cared so deeply and so intensely, that I was absolutely blown away. I had never met anyone like her, ever.

Her favorite thing to do is give. Most people like to receive, but she loves to give.


I was and I am so attracted to her compassion.

So, it’s fair to say that I knew she was going to make an incredible mom.

Well, I was right 🙂

I am sure there are moms just as good as her out there, but it’s hard for me to imagine –though I am biased… just a little.

Your health, happiness, education, and quality of life has been her top priority since the day she found out she was pregnant. She never complains about exhaustion, and sacrifices her own well being to insure yours.

She protects you and holds you like she could lose you at any second. She prays for you constantly through each day. She laughs with you, plays with you, teaches you, and spends every moment with you that you desire.

She is incredible. I hope you appreciate it when you’re older, but you can rest assured that I will remind you often. That’s a promise.


One Smart Mama:

Did you know that your mom is one of the smartest people I have ever met? She is book smart, has common sense, and is (freaky) emotionally smart. She can literally do anything that she puts her mind too, and I have seen it first hand.

Where do you think she learned to paint? Me? NO WAY! She taught herself, by experimenting, watching videos, and experimenting some more.

When I say she is emotionally intelligent, I mean she can empathize so well that she can read a persons face and body and know what they are feeling. She does this with insane accuracy. It’s kind of annoying sometimes, when it comes to her doing that to me, which you will learn all about. Yet, it’s really awesome because it doesn’t allow me to hide my feelings and bottle things up… she can see through that bottle as clearly as a spotless window.

I never have to explain things to her when telling stories or speaking about new subjects. She understands logic like very few people I have met. Her mind works fast, but she is NEVER quick to jump to conclusions or speak without fully formulating her opinions and carefully selecting her words.


Mom the Worrier:

Your mom is a worrier and comes from a long line of worriers. I’m actually quite surprised that you are not living in a bubble yet.

I’ll give your sweet mama credit where credit is due. She is not nearly as bad as your Mema and great-grandma… Now those women are worriers!

I’ve had a few lectures from great-grandma in the name of worry-dom, and your Mema just argues that she isn’t “as bad as great-grandma” –which is debatable.

Your mom has come a long way, and allows you to be your crazy self within reason. I mention this attribute, because you may feel that she is not letting you do some things you want to do. I am here to tell you that she ALWAYS has your best interest in mind, when making decisions.

Mama the Nerd:

When your mama loves something, she LOVES it. I’m so excited to see her push her geekiness onto you. I just hope you love it as much as she does, because you two will have a blast nerding-out together.

She used to be obsessed with Lord of the Rings, until I forced her to read the Harry Potter series in her 20’s. That woman has made me watch all of the Harry Potter movies more than I can count. She has met the unfortunate fate that many people have met after reading them. It ruins them from most other books and authors, because they just don’t compare (even with the imperfections and at time cheesy miracle plot savers). It also makes most –at least a lot of people—obsessed with all things Potter.

I hope you two get to enjoy some of her passions.


Mom the AMAZING!

Okay, I have to stop. I could write all day about your mom. I could write about her shyness, determination, maturity, her awesome faith in God, her ability to enjoy subtle beauty, her overall perfectness (in my eyes at least), but I would be here forever, and you would have stopped reading ages ago.

The whole point of this letter is to let you know how blessed you are to have such an amazing mom.

Of course, you’ll find this out, and you will appreciate her in ways I won’t understand. I’m so happy for you, and I am so thankful that you have her in your life.

Always tell her how much you love and cherish her, because she deserves it so much. She is incredibly special.

I love her and I love you,

Your Father



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