The Truth Hurts, but Does POLITICAL CORRECTNESS Hurt More?


I am no expert on Political Correctness, or anything else for that matter, but it is hard not to notice the damage political correctness can and is causing throughout our society. The cultural ramifications are extensive and ever-growing.

Before I rail on those who are fanatical with being PC –obsessed with causes that have nearly entirely nothing to do with them personally— and obsessed with finding the next great incident that allows them to flare their fake-outrage; I have to admit that I understand where they are coming from and agree with the premise. I mean who wants to be offensive? I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. I mean their real feelings and not their faux ones. (You don’t have to share someone’s feelings just because you think you should… unless you like being mindless.)

Let’s start from the beginning…

Let us call a spade a spade, and Political Correctness is a LIE.

The term political correctness is used and originates with the idea that politicians need to watch what they say, as to not offend certain groups of people and possibly lose votes. I call it a LIE, because it’s a lie of omission. The politician is either holding back their true feelings by being PC, or they are misleading people with their words because the truth is unpleasant. They might even tell the truth, but muddy the words with such vagueness as to not offend anyone. This can cause every person to misunderstand their position.

What good is that, I ask?

This term and ideological viewpoint/crusade, has bled over into the mainstream culture. It started in politics, then the media, then the entertainment industry, then the educational system and has now trickled down to churches and everyday interactions.

I see it everyday. I work in sales, and visit with multiple strangers every single day. I have to be observant in sales, and find talking points that interest my prospect in order to establish a relationship of friendliness and trust, while breaking down their wall of fear and distrust at being duped by an awful salesman.

Besides the rare say-whatever-I-want guy or gal, most people are very careful with their words when discussing their lives or views about any subject.


I’ve seen multiple gay (OMG, he said “gay!”)people use all kinds of language to hold back the truth that their partner (husband/wife, whatever) is the same sex as them.

I am not sure if they are trying to not offend me, or don’t want to be judged by me, or don’t want me to feel uncomfortable, or what? I really don’t know, but it makes me a little sad. Don’t hide yourselves people, because hiding is not living at all.

I’ve seen people hold back their feelings and thoughts about politics the most. Of course in sales you are never suppose to talk about politics… BUT if you see your candidate’s bumper sticker on their car, then it’s fair game.

I’ve heard and recognized more restraint than you could ever imagine on many topics, and it’s all in an attempt to not offend someone or be judged by someone. I’ll dive into that in a bit.

One commonality with all of these people, is once I let them know it’s okay to talk about something and that I won’t be offended or judge them (usually in subtle ways, and sometimes bold ways), then the floodgates open up.

I take all of my visual and non-verbal clues and when I am 90% I am right, I’ll take a shot at letting my prospect know that; “I know” and “they are free to be themselves because I know”.

Using the gay man reference from earlier, I would say something like this: “Hey Mr. Smith, when is your husband going to be home?” After his initial shock (sometimes I misread it and there is no shock) and quick double take to check my facial expressions, Mr. Smith lets his full gay out, and it’s awesome. A huge weight is lifted off my prospect’s shoulders and he becomes his authentic self. Same goes for the political person, or religious person, or whatever person (except for West Virginians, because no one likes them).

If you are being politically correct, you are being fake, unauthentic, and lying to others about who you are and what you stand for in this world. You’re a liar, a polite liar, but a liar all the same.

I am not advocating for being an A$$hole, but I am advocating for less fear and more truth!

Fear is the driving force behind the PC way of life. We are afraid of what others will think if they knew what we really thought or how we really felt about certain controversial topics (and sometimes not controversial in the slightest topics).

We are afraid to hurt people’s feelings (most of us) and have our own feelings hurt.
Here is the problem –actually… here are the many problems with that thought process:

  1. What others think of you really does not matter. No really, it doesn’t!
  • If someone thinks your smart, does it actually make you smart? Who defines “smart”?
  • Stop viewing yourself as something or another thing, because then you rely upon others to either back up that self-image or they can shatter it.
  • If I think I am fat, and someone else says; “Wow! That’s a big burger you are eating!” Then I may assume they are telling me I shouldn’t be eating that because I am fat enough already. Yet, if I do not view myself as anything but a person living their life, then I may react differently. I might say; “Yeah, it’s a big burger, and it’s delicious!”, instead of sulking for the next week about the 20 lbs. I need to lose… (okay 40)… (42)… (I’ll stop)… (44)…
  • People’s opinions about you only matters if you let them matter.
  • People’s opinions only matter because we want validation about the story of who we think we are. It’s all about our own perception of ourselves, and we too often seek others to confirm our own thoughts about who we are. Does that make any damn sense whatsoever?
  • If I think in my head that I am good at my job, and a stranger says I suck at it, it won’t affect my own thoughts on my abilities to do my job, because the stranger has no clue whether I am good or not. If my boss says that I suck, then it might shatter my view on my abilities, and that is scary terrifying. What if I did not try to view myself as good or bad at my job? Then what? If my boss told me I sucked, and I had no preconceived notion on my own abilities, I would probably ask him/her; “How can I get better?”


2. Being offended doesn’t actually do anything to you!

  • No really, you are still alive, and in the same financial and physical state you were the moment before being offended.
  • Your emotional state stays the same IF you do not give the offender’s words any weight. Or if you are awesome and have mastered being super comfortable in your own skin.
  • This video of comedian Steve Hughs explains it better than I can, because he is hilarious and I’m just a blow hard with a big mouth and zero filter.

3. Offending someone is OKAY!!!!!

  • There is not one thing, idea, or act that is not offensive to at least 1 person out there.
  • I may be offended by people who stand too close to me, but obviously that person who is a creepy-close-proximity-person likes to stand close. Maybe I offend them when I step back.
  • Jesus did not say go and spread the gospel only to those who will not be offended. “Oh, look! There’s a guy wearing a sign that says he won’t be offended, let’s go talk to that guy!” Life doesn’t work that way. Either does spreading truth.

4. If you hide your true feelings and thoughts, and people around you only know what you let them know because of your awesome PC skills, then they don’t actually like YOU, the real you.

  • If all my friends are liberal SJWs, and I hide the fact that I disagree with 90% of their crazy (well intention-ed) opinions, and they love me as a friend, do they actually love ME? Or the portion of me I let them see and know.
  • It’s better to be loved for who you really and truly are, than to be loved for a person you are pretending to be. Don’t be an actor in life unless you get paid for it ;).

5. Being PC creates massive division among people.

  • In America, everyone is afraid of being called racist. That’s why we use nonsensical terms like “African American”. Sure there are a few African Americans in the USA, you know… born in Africa and became US citizens, BUT most are just Americans –and what’s wrong with that, I ask???. Why do we have to label someone “black” in the first place and secondly get scared of being called or labeled a racist? This fear causes us to use this ridiculous term that makes no sense anymore. It’s like saying; “Hey! I’m not racist, because I used a PC term to describe that person.” Why use separators at all?? We are all AMERICANs (if you are a citizen of the USA, that is). I do not call myself a Scottish-Irish-Native American of European decent, because that would be DUMB and a mouthful.
  • Plus sized models are fat, not plus sized. Sorry it hurts, but it’s true. I don’t need someone to make me feel better about being overweight because then I may never want to get healthy. I’m plus sized right now, so I can eat another burger or four. Don’t judge me you fat shamer!
  • Men are men and woman are woman. Sorry… there are not 58 different genders… according to science. According to feelings, there are an infinite amount of genders, makes sense… right?
  • If you are going to separate people beyond the terms; people, humans, countryman, whatever else, then call a spade a spade, and stop trying to make unpleasant truths slightly more pleasant with your silly lies. It’s not helping anyone.

6. (MOST IMPORTANT) Political Correctness can cost innocent lives (a.k.a kill people).

  • The best and easiest example would be the radical Islamic terrorist attack on San Bernardino, California. Multiple neighbors were afraid to call the cops on the terrorist’s insanely suspicious behavior prior to the attack. Why? They were afraid of being labeled or thought of as a racist. That’s their words, not mine. Seriously, they cared what a random police officer or dispatcher would think about them sooooooooo much, that they kept quiet and hoped they were wrong. Too bad they were right and could have saved a ton of lives if only they weren’t so darn politically correct.
  • Being PC can leave you with blood on your hands. The truth can be unpleasant.

If you look at the totality of the repercussions from people being politically correct, then you might ask yourself “Why are we doing this?”

Being PC means you are lying to others and possibly yourself.

It means you are presenting a false narrative or facade of who you really are.

It means you are an unauthentic character of someone you think others would prefer.

It means no real discussions on serious issues get started, because people are afraid to talk about them and offend someone.

It means you are a big wuss who is afraid of your feelings getting hurt.

It means that you could be responsible for the deaths of others, because you are too afraid of what others might think if you take a stand.

It means the death of creativity, art, and comedy.

It means MILO YIANNOPOULOS is no longer on Twitter :..(  #freeNERO (Check out the Dangerous Faggot Tour, because Milo believes in free speech like no one in the media today).

It means a boring horrible world.

It means division on purpose.

It means an avenue for evil to up-rise, becomes wider than the Grand Canyon, because you can’t call a terrorist a terrorist.

It means our children are doomed.

It means all politicians are liars.

It means, stop doing it…

The real world is harsh, and the truth hurts, but come on, is the truth better than lies? Do you not make out better in the long run with truth, versus living in/with a lie?

Let’s be real with each other.

Let’s be honest with each other.

Let’s be offensive, because it’s impossible not to be.

Let’s kill the dangerous fog on our nation and world called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!


Some more great videos about political correctness, if you’re bored:



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