PRESENT (Letters to My Daughter #atozchallenge)



(Letters to My Daughter #atozchallenge)


Dearest Daughter of Mine,

I love you like crazy, and always will.


There is an old saying I have heard, read, and (now) written, since I was a child. It goes something like this:

“Today is a gift, that’s why it is called the PRESENT.”

The reason “old sayings” stick around until they are old is, they speak truth.

Truth never dies, while lies spring up only to be quickly forgotten.

The idea that each new day is a present, is true. Yet, I forget that truth 99 days out of 100. The ratio might be worse than that, but I hope not. Some quick math reveals a sad truth. Out of my approximately 12,000 days on this earth (at the time of writing this), I have only remembered that each new day is a gift, a grand total of 120 days. I am ashamed at this calculation, and again… I hope it is wrong!

Why am I worrying so much? Why should I –and you—remember this simple old truth?


To answer those questions, we must first ask, then answer…

Why is each new day a gift?

A few reasons off the top of my head are…

  1. Each New Day is an opportunity to be better than the day before.

We are born to fail repeatedly. A new day means; you can overcome your failures from the day before. That could be done by; breaking a bad habit, running 1 mile longer than yesterday, sticking to a diet, trusting God when you did not the day before. We all fail, and will continue to fail at times. A new day is an opportunity to succeed.


  1. Each New Day means you are still living.

If you’re still living, you get to experience more than you did yesterday. New experiences can only be experienced in the present. If you are living, then you are not dead. Most would agree that life is better than death —unless you know the truth, which is an entirely different subject. Tomorrow is not ever guaranteed, so living life to the fullest in the present, is the best way to live.


  1. Each New Day is an opportunity to mend broken relationships.

A new day brings the opportunity to make a current “good” relationship, better. It’s also an opportunity to find new relationships. It can give you the opportunity to begin the repairing process on the journey to mending a broken relationship. God wanted relationships with His children, so relationships are essential to life.


  1. Each New Day is an opportunity to further your career.

Did you slack yesterday? That’s okay, because today is a new day, and you have the opportunity to be insanely productive. Are you already kicking butt in your career? Great! Go kick some more butt today, and push past your own self-imposed limitations.


  1. Each New Day is an opportunity to continue to pursue your dreams.

Dreams can be chased while awake, or asleep. Dreams can only be caught in the present.


  1. Each New Day is an opportunity to stop everything and pursue the dreams you haven’t chased yet.

If you have dreamed with great indulgence in the past, then the present is the time to start acting on them. It can take a lot of days, experiencing a lot of experiences, before a big dream reveals itself. That dream may be thought of in the present, remembered from the past, and desired in the future. But… it can only be pursued in the present. If you have been justifying your reasons to push your dreams aside, then only the present gives you the opportunity to finally say; “Alright! Let’s do this!”


What do these reasons have in common?

  1. Opportunity: Choice to move forward, stand-still, or fall back
  2. Growth: Spiritual, Wisdom, Career, Understanding, Maturity, all-around-betterment

Growth and Opportunity are incredibly wonderful things. Not everyone is afforded the luxury of realizing they possess these two amazing gifts.



I have already given you advice –in other letters I have written you—about the importance of living in the moment. In case you have forgotten, I’ll give you a quick reminder.

The Past

The Past is good to reflect upon, so you can learn from past successes and failures alike. This knowledge will aid you in the present. Yet, it is harmful and destructive to dwell on the past. You cannot change the past, and spending too much time there means you are not living in the present. Not living in the present means, not living at all.

The Present

The Present is where life happens. It is where you experience real love, not the thought of love, or the memory of love. It is where you live your feelings, and use your accumulated knowledge. The present is where you can put action towards the things you want to achieve. It is where opportunity lives, and hope is seen. It is all you have, and all you might have… it is everything.

The Future

The future simply does not exist. It is filled with your hope’s, dream’s, worry’s, fear’s, want’s, desire’s, and disillusionment. The future can be a wonderful escape from our present. It can also be a destructive daydream, distracting us from the present. It’s best used as motivation, just as the past can be used.


Let’s get back to the unanswered questions.

Why am I worrying so much? And, why should I –and you for that matter—remember this simple old truth?

The less we remind ourselves of this truth –the less grateful we are for these gifts—the fewer times we get to enjoy the gifts.

Think about it this way; if I didn’t see the gifts I was given on 11,880 occasions, then how could I enjoy them? Can you enjoy what you don’t know you have?

Yet, if I can realize this truth and be grateful for the gifts I am given each day, then I will get to enjoy them each and every day.

How much better would all our lives be if we utilized the gifts given to us with each new day?

How much wiser would we be?

How much better would our relationships be? Career?

How many dreams might we catch? How many new dreams might be dreamt?


Yeah… the old saying has a lot of truth.

What good is truth, if you don’t see it?


I want you to see the truth.

I want you to enjoy the gifts of each day!



Your Father


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