Shimmer: Letters to My Daughter

Shimmer: Letters to My Daughter #atozchallenge



To My Radiating, Shinning, Shimmering Daughter,

I love you sweetheart!

One of my favorite musical artists is Shawn Mullins. Anyone I have ever said that to, immediately has to go look him up. Why? No one has ever heard of him. He is known as a “one hit wonder” for his song in the late 90’s called, Lullaby.

Note-Newer stuff is way better! Listen to “The Ghost of Johnny Cash

At times, I have been embarrassed to tell people about my love for his music. Mainly, because that one song he is known for is so cheesy. It’s probably my least favorite of all of his songs –sorry Shawn…

At that moment in my life his one big hit struck a chord with me (pun intended, because… “Dad Jokes”). The song was about a dreamer, and I was, am, and will always be a dreamer.

While I love a ton of his Americana Story-Telling style songs, there is one song that has always spoke to my soul. Recently, I listened to it again, and it spoke deeper than ever before.

It spoke so deeply, because it was the first time I had listened to it since you were born.

It’s called Shimmer.

Below are the lyrics. I want you to read them before I tell you how they make me feel, and more importantly, how they relate to you…


Sharing with us what he knows

Shining eyes are big and blue

And all around him water flows

This world to him is new

This world to him is new

To touch a face

To kiss a smile

New eyes see no race

The essence of a child

The essence

He’s born to shimmer, he’s born to shine

He’s born to radiate

He’s born to live, he’s born to love

But we’ll teach him not to hate

True love it is a rock

Smoothed over by a stream

No ticking of a clock

Truly measures what that means

Truly measures what that means

And this thing they call our time

Heard a brilliant woman say

She said you know it’s crazy

How I want to try to capture mine

I think I love this woman’s way

I think I love this woman’s way she shimmers, the way she shines

The way she radiates

The way she lives, the way she loves

The way she never hates

Sometimes I think of all of this that can surround me

I know it all as being mine

But she kisses me and wraps herself around me

She gives me love, she gives me time

And I feel fine I feel fine

But time I cannot change

So here’s to looking back

You know I drink a whole bottle of my pride

And I toast to change to keep these demons off my back

Just get these demons off my back

‘Cause I want to shimmer, I want to shine

I want to radiate

I want to live, I want to love

I want to try to learn not to hate

Try not to hate

We’re born to shimmer, we’re born to shine

We’re born to radiate

We’re born to live, we’re born to love

We’re born to never hate


Written by Shawn Mullins • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

Lyrics found at Google Music Website

(Here’s the video link;


This song is me. It reflects many people’s journey’s through life, but certainly mine.

In the beginning of the song, he sees the world with fresh eyes. He sees the world as beautiful and without hate. But, the world eventually teaches him hate, just as it will teach you hate. You will eventually realize that you do not like what you see. You’re not supposed to, because this world is fallen.

At some point you will have to work harder to see the beauty again, and try even harder to focus on it. To hold on to it. Even, to love it.

A big turning point in my life was finding your mom. Just as the song states, “true love it is a rock, smoothed over by a stream”. Love is not what you think it is in your dreams. It is more! Yet, no one tells you how much work it takes to get that more.

I’m so grateful I found her, because she helped me see the beauty in the world again.

I had “demons on my back” and I most definitely have swallowed my pride a time or two. Yet, I have and will always toast to change, because nothing in this life is permanent.

Winslow, you were born to shimmer.

You were born to shine.

You were born to radiate.

Don’t let this world steal that from you. Don’t let any person steal that from you.

Instead, love.

Always love.

I love you.


Always shining,



PS- I always love comments and feedback.

Who is your most embarrassing musician guilty pleasure?


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A= Amazed & Altered

B= Boys, Boys, Boys

C= Cosmopolitan, Confidence, and Culture

D= Dreamers


F= Friendship

G= God

H= Home Run!

I= Immediate Gratification

J= Just Joking

K= Knowledge

L= Love

M= Mom

N= Needs

O= Optimistic Override

P= Present(s)

Q= Questions

R= Respect



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