Goodbye? What is the LemonZest Blog’s Future?

Howdy, Y’all!

Being a lifelong southerner who now lives in the north… I find myself infusing my southern roots in strange places. For example, my greeting to you.


I felt the need to update my loyal readers on my “goings-on” and what is to come.

While readership for this little blog has tanked, it is my own doing, and I am okay with it. What has been surprising is the fact that quite a few people out there still check the blog for new content. Some random people also find it for the first time and read a few posts. Both of which, blow me away. Especially, since before last weeks barrage of posts (3 total… lol) I have posted twice in the last 4 months.

For those of you wondering, there are good reasons for the lack of time and energy being spent on this blog. I’ll be quick, and let you know about some exciting projects in the works.


The beginning…

This blog originally started as a space where I could build an audience, and let people get to know me as I chased my dream. The dream to be a novelist. When I started the blog one year ago, I had written about 280 pages of my first attempt at a novel. As of right now, I have written a grand total of 322 pages.


Not good…


What the blog has taught me…

I learned a blog is extremely time consuming. As you can see, I did little in the way of finishing my novel once the blog began. Can I contribute all my lack of productivity with the book on the blog?

No. Of course not.

It most definitely stalled work on it.

Work also stalled work on it.

Then all writing just stalled.

Then my writing became re-focused on something else.

I also learned how rewarding a blog can be. I’ve met some amazing brothers and sisters who are chasing the same dream as mine. I’ve learned more about people I’ve known throughout my life, as they have shared similar experiences to a few post’s of mine.

Blogging has been therapeutic, and gut-wrenching at times. I’ve surprised myself with the openness and vulnerability I have written with at times. I have shed plenty of fear, and allowed myself to know I am a flawed human being. Thank God for that, I say! I would not be who I am today without a few dark moments and many mistakes along the road of life.

It’s been amazing!


The problem with the blog (besides time consumption)…

Being a first time blogger, I made many crucial mistakes in starting and running a blog. The biggest mistake being; I had no niche or purpose for the blog. There are millions of blogs out there focused on the life of the blogger. Who wants to read about some random person? Not me, and I am guessing not you.

The followers I do have are family, friends, and strangers that connected to a post or two. My divorce posts were very popular, but how many of those were nosy friends and family wanting the dirt? My Letters to my daughter were popular, mostly with fellow writers and bloggers. But, so much of my time, mind, heart, energy, and effort went into all the posts. One of my favorite pieces has a grand total of 3 views, which I find crazy and now funny. Whereas pieces that I was not fond of have a couple thousand. I appreciate all the time any and all of you spent reading my words.

I am beyond flattered and grateful.

Yet, I have come to the conclusion that the blog was not achieving what I set out for it to achieve. Which is okay.

In reality, the blog felt like work and not like passion-filled fun.

Will I ever finish my first novel?

Yes, no, maybe, and I already have.


No, I have not finished the 300+ page novel I was working on, but I will someday.

Yes, I have finished my first novel, a different one, a new one. I’ll dive into that subject in just a minute.


What’s next for the LemonZest Blog…?

I do not think I will delete it. Too much of my heart and soul is written within. I do have a plan for it, but after that plan is finished, I truly do not know what I will do with it.

The plan is to finish my A to Z series with the Letters to My Daughter. It was supposed to be a 1 month challenge, so I sure as hell better finish in 1 year. Plus, I am not a quitter.

Those letters will be a special gift for Winslow, and I would hate to stop at letter S. That would be a bad lesson to teach her, and steal my credibility on the other letters. After the letters are finished, then who knows? I sure as heck don’t!

Am I sad, no. I hope you aren’t either. While my next project may not be up your alley, it is a lot of fun and feels less like work –though ironically, it’s more focused on a topic I do for a living.


The New Project…

I’ve had an idea in my head for 3-4 years now, and it gradually became louder in my head. In October 2016, it was so loud I had to silence the noise by getting it out of my head. So, I wrote a book on the subject in 3 weeks. I pleasantly plowed through it with ease. I then let it sit a good month, and plowed through two full edits. Currently, I have sent the 3rd draft of my book to some beta readers, and I am awaiting feedback. I need to send it to another 2-3 beta readers that are industry specific, which will be done very soon.

I’ve also built the website, which will be launched soon. I’ve written a short E-book as a giveaway for the website. I even wrote a good amount of blogs, which means I am armed and ready to get this project off the ground.


What is it you ask?

Sorry to tease, but I am not sure this is the best place to announce what it is and when it is. I am still not sold on attaching my name to it, as it is something I prefer to keep anonymous. It’s hard to say if I will use a pen name at this point. I will give you a clue… the subject will make me plenty of enemies in the sales profession.

It’s exciting. It’s fun, and it will help as many people as I can get the information in front of.

We’ll just have to see where it goes.



No matter what, I want to thank those of you who have journeyed with me through the experiences I have shared with my words. I love you for it, and appreciate you more than you could know. It’s not goodbye, and the blog may continue after I finish the letters to Winslow. We’ll have to wait and see.

Thank you all!!

Much love,



3 thoughts on “Goodbye? What is the LemonZest Blog’s Future?

  1. I have felt all along that letters to my daughter could be a book as well., AND that you could either write a book on sales strategies, a DVD series related to sales or even a motivational series. The sky for you is boundless, you are good looking, smart , and enthusiastic. I can’t wait to see what comes for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I appreciate your’s and Laura’s belief in me, and the amazing support you have shown. You’re not far off on what my next project is. In fact your dead on, but are thinking about the wrong side of the sales equation.
      In fact, I would love another beta reader. Especially, one that is a part of my key demographic. You’ll be receiving an email shortly. Whether you choose to partake, is completely up to you. Though being semi-retired… you’ve got some time right?

      Thanks again for reading, and appreciating, and encouraging a fellow dreamer.


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