Facts are DEAD…

Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters as he takes the stage for a campaign event in Dallas, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Everyone is sick and tired of politics. Though the evidence clearly shows that statement to be a lie. The evidence is the non-stop social media posts by friends, family, and acquaintances, where opinions are thrown about and presented as fact.

Do I have opinions?

You betcha!

Are they based on fact, usually.

More importantly, I try to use logic… which is a thought process becoming extinct. (My opinion)

No matter which side of the isle your personal beliefs and ideologies fall into, something is missing on both sides… consistent values and/or morally consistent understandings on topics.

Basically, I am saying most people are a bunch of hypocrites!

Hypocrisy disgusts me on any intellectual level. It’s less disgusting if it is done out of ignorance, and on accident. It’s vial when it is done with intent and justification. It’s pathetic really. It’s unwise and foolish on many levels.

Let’s look at a recent current event in America, and you can decide if hypocrisy exists.


Issue #1: President Trump’s Immigration Ban…

The left is calling it a “Muslim Ban”. The left is going as far as to protest it, and are screaming how unconstitutional the ban is.

Side Note If someone says something is unconstitutional, it’s almost guaranteed they have never read the constitution. 

Here is the blatant hypocrisy behind the left’s thought process, or lack of logic, rather.

  1. It’s an immigration ban on 7 countries with high levels of terrorist activity and/or threats. Just, because the majority of terrorists around the world happen to be Muslim, does not mean this ban is on Muslims. If you assume so, would that not be racists in theory?
  2. The executive Order Trump signed, does not say the word Muslim in it once. Not once.
  3. The refugees that everyone is so concerned about exist because Obama bombed the shit out of Syria… thus causing a civil war. A civil war being won by Islamic extremist (really they are fundamentalists… if you have ever read the Quran… but why would you want to know what you are talking about?) Where was the outrage by the left when Obama created the situation that lead to the millions of refugees?
  4. Only 1 country (Iraq) out of the 7 banned is in the top ten in Muslim population world wide. So….. 9 out of 10 countries with the most Muslims are not banned… so please explain to me why it’s called a Muslim ban. I’ll wait…
  5. Obama had a ban on immigration in 2011… was he a racists, fascist, Islamophobe?
  6. Trump’s ban on the 7 countries was first proposed to Obama. Obama’s team made the list up, and Trump’s team put it into action via the EO.
  7. It’s a temporary ban, for the short period of 90 days… It is meant as a stop and think about what we are doing before acting kind of thing. Wow… that seems really smart, right? Let’s make sure we know how to properly vet these people, before letting them come into our country. Let’s figure out how to keep American’s safe from potential threats, which as the Federal Government, is our biggest and main priority.
  8. In 1924, the immigration act basically banned all immigrants not from Great Britain or Western Europe, done to let the immigrants in the US assimilate to America. Essentially, so they would become American. This lasted until the 40’s and 50’s when it eased slightly. It wasn’t truly opened up until Lyndon B Johnson opened the flood gates.
  9. The constitution NEVER GIVES RIGHTS TO NON-CITIZENS. WE ARE NOT A WORLD GOVERNMENT. A person living in another country has no rights in America, until they become an American Citizen. Do you have protected rights in China?

Do you see how many of our friends, family, and acquaintances are wrong? They are wrong through ignorance, or deliberately. Often I find it to be ignorance out of laziness. Why look up the truth, when a Meme can tell you the truth? Meme’s can’t be wrong can they? Certainly the Main Stream Media are not wrong! HA!

I was going to write about executive orders, free trade, and abortion, because both the left and right are littered with hypocrisy… but no one will read a 3,000 word post.

The only point I am making is to know what you are talking about. Do a little bit of research and study before spouting off the talking points of the masses. Group think has and will always be stupid.





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