Untethered, Untied, Unchained: Letters to My Daughter

Untethered, Untied, Unchained: Letters to My Daughter


Dear Win,


I love your smile. It brings me more joy than you will ever know. I love you so very much.


There are many points in our lives that are pivotal in determining where our journey and adventures take us. I think I can speak for most people when I say there are chances they wished they had took at those pivotal points. Most of our life changing actions never get taken, therefore leaving our lives on a certain path. That path may be a great one. Or we could just be telling ourselves it is great so we do not dwell on the risks we did not take.

The main and only point of this letter is to tell you to take those chances. Follow your heart. Run with open arms through the fog of fear to see what is on the other side.

What is on the other side of the fear-fog?

Is it failure? Maybe.

Is it success? Possibly.

Is it a door to another chance at your pursuit of joy in life? Absolutely.

Is it love? Could be.

Is it fulfilled dreams? Who knows?

Is it health? Is it a dream job? Is it a world changing event? Is it death? Is it life? Is it family? Is it faith?

Are you getting the point?

Do not let yourself be tied down by fear or keeping the status quo. Don’t let your current life circumstances dictate whether you should take a chance. Don’t let others put chains of doubt around you, which are weaved with words of their own self-doubt.

I can think of many points in my life when I did not take a risk when I wish I had. Please do not mistake my words. I do not have regret on where my journey has taken me, but I do wish I had taken a few more risks.

I wish I had chosen a different major in college. I took the easy way out, instead of pursuing a business degree and eventual MBA. I was too scared of failing because my track record of being average. The reality is I had convinced myself I was too stupid to pass the classes I needed to achieve the degree. Sadly, later in life I have learned that the fundamentals of business understanding is a natural gift of mine. I compare it to a few men in my life that work on engines with ease because they just get how they work. It comes natural. It is the same for me and business, which has helped me greatly in many aspects. The point is, I should not have let the fog of fear tie me down to a comfortable decision. Rather, I should have taken the risk and who knows where it would have lead me?

I hope to take more chances in life in the coming years. It becomes a little more difficult when you have a wife and child whom depend upon you. The risk taking becomes a lot more calculated.

I never want you to fear failure like I have done. I never want you to be the one holding yourself back from your pursuit of happiness, love, success, and joy. Do not allow yourself to be tied down to what others think. Do not chain yourself to the easy or safe vision for your future. Do not tether yourself to the poisons of the world no matter what shape or form they take in your life.

Be free sweetheart.

Fly. Run. Dance.

Look fear in the eye and make the bastard blink first!

Become the woman you want to be, not the woman your circumstances lead you to be.

Be love.

Be strength.

Be a light.

Don’t just be.

Take risks baby girl… and enjoy the freedom you earn!


I love you Winslow.




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T= Truth & Trust

U= Untethered, Untied, Unchained


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