Vantage, Volume, Visit: Letters to My Daughter

Vantage, Volume, Visit

Letters to My Daughter


Dear Winslow,


I love you sweet Daughter of mine. By the way, Guns N’ Roses is awesome and you should total listen to Appetite for Destruction.


This letter will be slightly different than the others. I will try my best to steer clear of the long-winded lectures on life. Instead, opting for shorter lectures (a.k.a. random thoughts on life).


The view is usually better from a higher vantage point.

In life we have the choice to react hastily without thought or purposefully after careful consideration. Some situations will require quick decisions or action without thinking, and that is okay in the right situation. “SNAKE! RUN!

In some situations it will not matter whether you take time to think before acting. Yet, non-trivial decisions should be made with great forethought and contemplation. In those situations it can be helpful to look from a different vantage to get a better understanding.

If you are in a fight with a friend or loved one, a better vantage point can determine the future health of your relationship.

I do not mean yell at them from a different angle -though that would be comical and could possibly end the fight. What I mean is; remove yourself from your own perspective or vantage point, and try looking at the situation from the other person’s vantage point. Try to understand what they see, hear, and feel. If this does not bring clarity, then attempt an even greater vantage point of the situation. Look at your relationship as a whole, the person’s recent hardships, life events, general mood, and then a greater picture will reveal itself.

In life, we tend to be focused on the here and now. We focus on what is in front of us in that moment. Yet… without occasionally taking a step back to view the larger picture, you will miss things you might not want to miss. Things like momentary peace, joy, wisdom, quiet calm, happiness, beauty and much more.

Life is nothing more than a series of moments and the choices we make within those moments. Some moments require a better vantage point to be enjoyed.


Much like vantage points, life will be filled with moments when the volume needs to be turned up or down. Volume can be the loudness of noise or music. There is a lot of noise in this world and we learn to mute what we want to mute. Noise can be distractions, people speaking, annoyances, and much more.

If you have a goal and are determined to reach it, then turn down the volume on the noise around you and focus on the music. Music can be a song or simply the melody of life.

Now that I have confused you with my words, I will give you some sage advice.


Are you sure?

Here it is!

It is a lot of fun to blare your music in the car and sing as loud as you can. So, turn up the volume!

That is all.

Awesome advice huh?



I hope with all my heart that you choose to visit your mother and I often. It seems like such a silly thing to hope, but I do have hope your desire to be in our lives never fades away.

It is very easy to let the winds of the world swirl you around into chaotic time killing progress. Some of my past letters address what I hope progress is for you. Either way, you should be moving forward in life and not looking back, which is progress. While I never hope any of your decisions later in life are considered with us and our well-being in mind, I do hope your journey does not take you too far from us. Parents are allowed to be selfish when their children grow up. We selfishly will want to be near you.

We will always want to be a part of your life. Yes, we do have our own lives, dreams, and goals. You are a part of many of those.

This portion of the letter will hopefully not be necessary to read because you will be visiting all the time.


I probably should have written a backup letter telling you we need time to ourselves, just in case you visit TOO much!

Just kidding, that would not be possible.

I think..

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Either way, we love having you in our lives and hope you feel the same.

As always, and forever… I love you sweetie.


Your amazingly awesome (and handsome I might add),


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N= Needs

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P= Present(s)

Q= Questions

R= Respect


T= Truth & Trust

U= Untethered, Untied, Unchained

V= Vantage, Volume, Visit


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