Waiting. Wanting.. Wishing… Letters to My Daughter


Waiting. Wanting.. Wishing…

A to Z Challenge: Letters to My Daughter


Dear Ms. Lemon,


I love you. I truly and forever do.


Why wait? What do you want? What wishes have come true?





These three things are very closely connected and can have great effects on our lives, as well as negative consequences. Life must be approached in different ways at different times, and the choice will always be yours. The difference between the successful and those left desiring for more is not luck or happen stance. Everyone will experience failures and hardships, but the successful react with action, determination, and persistence in the face of those failures or hardships.

The choice will always be yours Winslow.



It is said; “good things come to those who wait.” For the most part that sentence is a load of crap and I will explain why.

When do we wait? We wait to do something, and the something can be anything. That something can be a thing you want to do, or a thing you do not want to do. That something can be a thing you will do, or a thing that will do something to you.

The result of waiting has only 3 potential outcomes:

  1. GOOD result
  2. BAD result
  3. Indifference

Let us start backwards with number 3 and work our way to number 1.


The third possible outcome of waiting is indifference. This means you don’t care what the outcome will be and/or the outcome has little to no effect on your life.

So, in this case does waiting matter one way or the other? While most people would say No, I would say Yes. In this case, should you wait? I say NO! No matter the situation, if the outcome of waiting does not matter then why wait? Is waiting not a matter of time? Is waiting not a matter of thought? If you are waiting and the outcome does not matter, then are you not wasting time, energy, and thought? Of course, you are!

Waiting is not always something we have control over, but even that assumption is often faulty. In the waiting situations we have control over, we should then control the waiting length it will take to reach the outcome. This is especially true if you’re indifferent about the outcome. Why wait if you don’t care about the outcome? Why waste your time? Why waste your energy thinking about something which doesn’t matter in the end?

Therefore, I say waiting is something you should NOT do if you can control it, and especially if the outcome does not matter.

Bad Results- This one is simple… whether you can control the outcome of a situation does not matter in regard to the potential of waiting and still getting a bad result -though controlling a situation usually results in you getting the good result you are after.

If there is potential for a bad result then why wait?

The same truths of indifference-waiting apply. Why waste your time? Why waste your energy thinking about something which could result poorly? Would you rather stress and worry about it until you’re sick to your stomach? Or would you rather get it over with quickly? It’s like ripping off a band-aide, best done quickly. So… don’t wait! Attack the situation and potential bad result. The quicker you get the bad result, the quicker you can get over it.

Good Results This one needs little explaining… but for thoroughness I will do it. Waiting with the potential for a good result is the same as waiting for a bad result. If it can be a good result, why wait to find out? Why not skip to the point of enjoying the good result? It seems fairly self-explanatory.

Conclusion, the only time to wait is if further action is necessary to insure a GOOD result. If you need to prepare more, or complete a few tasks before the situation you are waiting for, then you must do so. Yet… is that really waiting? If you are taking action, is it waiting? Nope… not at all.

Therefore… do not wait! Act!



There are a lot of things in life I want. I want to be the best dad I can be. I want to make enough money to ease the stresses of this world. I want to learn as much as I can about God. I want to be a fantastic and loving husband. I can go on and on. There are a lot of wants in my life, and I am sure in yours as well.

How can we get what we want?

Take action and go after it until you get what you want.

Is it okay to want things?

You are the only person who can determine if the things you want are good for your life. Your mother and I will definitely have an opinion on that until you move out of our household. After you move out we will still have opinions, but we will keep them to ourselves unless you ask for them.

Just wanting something will never get you that something. “Wanting” is nothing more than a thought. Wanting without planning and action is a useless thought. It’s a waste of time. Kind of like Wishing..




Okay, maybe “wishing” is not a waste of time, but what is it really? Sometimes it is hope. Sometimes it is dreams. Sometimes it is regret. Sometimes a cry for help. Wishing is like the weaker brother of wanting. Wishing is like a hopeless want. Wishing is like admitting to yourself that the obtainment of the wish is impossible before even thinking or saying it.

“I wish I would win the lottery.” Said the daydreamer lost in their thoughts.

“I want to win the lottery.” Said the person paying for a lottery ticket.

Wishing… just like wanting… just like waiting… is pointless without action. It means nothing to wish without trying to get what you wish for. Here is a truth bomb for you… dreams do not come true without you working for them. Any dream that comes easily is a dream not big enough or not worth having at all.


Stop waiting for the things you can go get.

Stop wanting things you are not willing to get.

Stop wishing something great comes to you when all you have to do is go get it.


I am not saying it will be easy, or fun, but it could be great. You’re great, and at times being a parent is not easy or fun but the result has been great! You bring your mom and I more joy than we could have ever imagined. Thank you sweetheart. Now stop reading this and go out and achieve your dreams!

I’m so glad we did not wait to have children. I’m so glad we wanted to be the best parents we could be. I could not have possibly wished for a better daughter than you!


I love you Win.


Your Old Man




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T= Truth & Trust

U= Untethered, Untied, Unchained

V=Vantage, Volume, Visit

W= Waiting. Wanting.. Wishing…


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