Yielding to Your Youth

Yielding to Your Youth

Letters to My Daughter

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Dear Sweet Girl,


I love you sweet darling daughter.


This letter can be seen as a precautionary warning, or an opportunity. It can also be the answer to the location for the Fountain of Youth.

Do you want to know how to remain young?

There has been an ongoing battle between your mother and I since we met. Your mom is nearly 7 years younger than I am. Her maturity has allowed me to hardly notice the difference. Where I do notice the biggest difference is in her knowledge of pop culture from my era, and her activeness.

When it comes to her knowledge on pop culture, it is very limited due to her semi really sheltered upbringing and the age difference, of course. Plus, I have a strange brain that retains useless information in large quantities… don’t ask me why, because I do not know.

Her activeness physically is a constant reminder that I am getting older. I used to be very active, and loved all things sports. I was even a gym rat at different times in my life. Over the years my sports related injuries have caught up with me. I have major back issues, a torn up left knee, a torn right shoulder, the beginnings of tendinitis in my hands and wrists, plus some added dad-weight has not helped.

These little nagging reminders of my age have led me to say, “I’m old”. I say it a lot. Here in lies the battle between your mother and I. She always counters my simple statement with an over animated response, “You’re not old! I’m keeping you young!”

Okay, I get where she is coming from, but no matter how many times she says it, my body tells me otherwise. My mind then does something truly tragic. My mind agrees with my body. Uh oh! This is a huge problem and will not allow me to find the Fountain of Youth.

I’ll explain…

How did I find the secret to youth?

Sales appointments.

Where is the Fountain of Youth?

In your mind.

How should you apply this to your life?

Think young, be young.

Is that enough of an explanation?

Probably, but I’ll assume not.


How did I find the secret to youth? Further explained…

Early on –and later than I would have liked—I ran a lot of sales appointments. When I say a lot, I mean thousands. When I say thousands, I mean well over 3,000 in home sales appointments. Needless to say, I have met A LOT of people. Most of the potential customers were 45 and older.

It did not take me long to notice an interesting pattern. I was sometimes shocked when I learned a person’s age. The shock came from my being fooled, because I was usually not fooled –at least not easily. Yet, every once in a while, someone who looked and acted 60 turned out to be 88. Every once in a while, someone who looked and acted 70 turned out to be 55.

My mind was blown on many occasions.

When someone was much older than I had guessed in my head, I always asked them, “How do you stay so young, and have so much energy?” It never offended them because most people like to explain their secret as they smiled from the compliment.

They ALL had an answer which was nearly identical to all those I had asked before them.

“It’s all in your head.” They would say. “If you think you’re young, you will be.”


Where is the Fountain of Youth? Further explained…

It is in your mind.

Is it though? Can it be that simple?


These elderly young people were determined to enjoy life. Not just enjoy life, but to partake in life, to do life. They did not sit around and let life drag them down into piles of immobile flesh and bones. They stimulated themselves relationally, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

If they became lonely, then they would join groups and do activities like; gardening club, walking groups, learned new hobbies, book clubs, wine groups, restaurant groups, etc. They did not sit alone in their lazyboy chair saying, “woe is me. I am so lonely.” They went out into the world and found companionship.

If they wanted to be in a relationship, then they dated until they found someone to enjoy and partake in life with. It was that simple to them. Black and white. Easy-peasy

All these elderly young people challenged themselves mentally and physically. They gained mental strength by learning new things no matter how much it scared them. ALL of them had physical activities they did to keep their bodies as young as their minds. Some were seemingly easy to do activities, and others where achieving physical feats I could only have done in my 20’s –if ever.

They wanted to stay young, and so they just did. The old saying, life is what you make it, is true. They were making their life fun and adventurous through their mindset.

There is a strange phenomenon throughout life and it happens when reflecting on the past. You can think about the younger versions of yourself and think, I feel the same as I did when I was 10 (20, 30) years younger. When you think that, it is not a thought about your physical health, but your mind. You see, we process life through the same eyes and make memories that feel no different than old memories. The only thing which changes as we age is our bodies begin to breakdown and our knowledge and wisdom grow (hopefully).

This means it can be easy to stay young. First, we must keep active so we can slow our bodies from breaking down. Second, we must not allow ourselves to believe we are old, just because of some number associated with the amount of times the earth has circled the sun.

Seriously, why should time be a factor in our lives? We will never know how long we have on this earth, so why let a number called “age” affect how we live our life? The answer is, we shouldn’t. Trust these old timers, because they have a lot of life experience and knowledge.

You’re only as old as you feel! Don’t forget that.


How should you apply this to your life?

Here are 10 easy ways or actions you can use to apply to your life:

  1. Try new things
  2. Never stop making new friends
  3. Always seek friendships/relationships with purpose, no matter if the purpose is to just have fun
  4. Find and become obsessive with new hobbies
  5. Read instead of watching TV/Movies/Internet videos (unless they are teaching you something new)
  6. Tackle your fears and do things that scare you
  7. Find physical activities you enjoy
  8. Push yourself during physical activities to do more than you thought capable of
  9. Do not wallow in self-pity, instead change your life to what you desire it to be
  10. Love the gift of life, and remember they call the PRESENT the present because it’s a gift. Not the past, not the future. Love the right now.


The choice to be young or grow old is entirely yours to make. I can tell you that these people whom have found the Fountain of Youth seem much happier than those whom sit around letting life happen to them.

Never stop being young, because it is more fun than being old. Never grow old because vibrant life-living is more beautifully vivid than dusty decaying life-dying.


I hope you read this and see the opportunity in your own life. Do not squander the free lessons passed down from generations of evidence and wisdom. Do not let yourself become old my sweet girl.

As always, and forever…

I love you!

Sincerest regards,

Your Dad


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Y= Yielding to Your Youth


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