ZigZagging with Zesty Zeal


ZigZagging with Zesty Zeal

Letters to My Daughter

Dear Daughter,


I love you sweetie. This may be the last letter I will write for this book, but my love for you will continue to be showered upon you every single day we share this earth together.


Life is the ultimate adventure!

Peaks and valleys.

Straight and narrow, then curvy and razor thin.

Pleasant and harsh.

Friendly and mean.

Happy surprises and dumbfounding disasters.

Love and hate.

Optimism and pessimism.

Strength and weakness.

Bravery and fear.

Knowing and uncertainty.

Success and failure.

Right choices and wrong choices.

Youth and old age.

Joy and despair.

Lofty highs and lowly lows.

Belief and unbelief.

Faith and doubt.

I could do this all day!


The dichotomy of life is ever present and unwilling to change for anyone. We may attempt to always be strong, optimistic, loving, happy, pleasant, knowing, and friendly human beings. Yet, we all will experience harsh conditions, mean people, dumbfounding disasters, hateful people and circumstances, and our weaknesses will succumb to fear.

It is inevitable.

We cannot escape any of it, because IT is life.

My advice to you Winslow, is to enjoy the time when you experience the positives of life, and zigzag around the negatives as fast as you can.

No one says to themselves, I really enjoy being miserable, but most people don’t recognize their misery until its controlling their life. Even worse, some people don’t know how to escape it when they recognize it.


Here are 12 tips to help you ZIGZAG the negatives through life:

  1. Recognize when things are going well and when you are happy.
  2. Enjoy that positive time in your life, no matter its brevity.
  3. Be thankful for the good in your life.
  4. Analyze what caused your good fortunes.
  5. Develop a way of living which allows prolonged times of positivity.
  6. Recognize when things are going poorly and when you are depressed.
  7. Respect your feelings which were caused by negative times.
  8. Be thankful you know the difference between the good and bad in your life.
  9. Be thankful you have a NEW opportunity to change, grow, and learn from the bad times in your life.
  10. Analyze what caused your misfortunes.
  11. Develop a way of life which allows brief times of negativity.
  12. Repeat list…


Those steps are what I would call the “zigzag” we do in life. We are trying to dodge/escape the negatives in life as we run towards joy and happiness.


If you zigzag successfully, then your will enjoy life with a Zesty Zeal!

What is Zest? What is Zeal?




  1. 1.

great enthusiasm and energy.

“they campaigned with zest and intelligence”


enthusiasm, gusto, relish, appetite, eagerness, keenness, avidity, zeal, fervor, ardor, passion; More




  1. great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

“his zeal for privatization”


passion, ardor, love, fervor, fire, avidity, devotion, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness, appetite, relish, gusto, vigor, energy, intensity;



The two words are nearly identical with the difference being “Zeal” is a Zesty way in which we go after the things we want in life.

Think about how much fun life could be if we pursued our dreams with Zest and Zeal. How much more might we accomplish?

How much greater the success we might achieve?

How much deeper would our passions plunge?

How much farther might we push ourselves to find unending happiness?

What adventures would we lead?

What obstacles would we leap?

How quickly would we forget the meaning of regret?




Only to be replaced with unbounding optimism, joy, and success?

How might we look back on our lives?

How would others think of our fretless life of climbing higher and higher peaks?

Our valleys would be higher than most people’s peaks, right?

Would they not look at you and think you have it easy?

You’re lucky?

You never had hardships?

Does it make sense to live a life where you zigzag around the negatives zealously run after your dreams while radiating a zest?

What would your life be by living this way?

What excuse do you have to not live this way?


I’ve seen your zest for life, and I’ve seen you pursue happiness with zeal. I’ve seen you zigzag obstacles –both emotional and physical—to grab what you desire.

Life is full diametrically opposed states, emotions, and choices. Yet, you have the potential to become a person who singularly experiences the positives, as the negatives are but a chasing shadow as you run towards light.


I hope you experience nothing but joy. Please, do not forget that I will be there if and when you experience the negatives. Never be afraid to ask for help through the darkness, because chances are I have navigated through that darkness a few times. I’ve experienced enough darkness for the both of use, and I know my way through it very well, unfortunately.

Now, go live life!

I love you so much it hurts!


Love you forever,



This is the last letter in the series; Letters to My Daughter A through Z. It was a part of a blog challenge in 2016. I did poorly in the sense I was supposed to finish in one month –not 1+ years. Yet, I was determined to finish for the sake of my daughter and so she could have a keep sake in the form of a book. I hope she cherishes the book as much as I cherished writing it for her. I dedicate the series –obviously– to my daughter, Winslow Payton Lemon.

If you missed a letter? Click the link(s) below for the one(s) you missed.

A= Amazed & Altered

B= Boys, Boys, Boys

C= Cosmopolitan, Confidence, and Culture

D= Dreamers


F= Friendship

G= God

H= Home Run!

I= Immediate Gratification

J= Just Joking

K= Knowledge

L= Love

M= Mom

N= Needs

O= Optimistic Override

P= Present(s)

Q= Questions

R= Respect


T= Truth & Trust

U= Untethered, Untied, Unchained

V=Vantage, Volume, Visit

W= Waiting. Wanting.. Wishing…

X= Xerox

Y= Yielding to Your Youth

Z= ZigZagging with Zesty Zeal


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