About Joshua

Through the journey of life, Joshua Lemon has amassed experiences no different from the next person, by living. It is in those experiences that Joshua has taken the time to observe the beauty of this world, the despair, and the vastness in between. Maybe he has seen and learned more than the average person, and maybe he has not. Either way, he does share lessons learned with no qualms or fears of the consequences of true honesty. Vulnerability and truth are appealing, unlike deception which is rampant and tiresome. Joshua strives for complete truth.

Joshua is the husband to Samantha Lemon, and father to their  daughter Winslow. They currently live in Canton, Ohio. He is the Regional Operations and Sales Manager for All American Gutter Protection, and he loves teaching the art of sales. He and his wife enjoy many forms of art, especially painting, drawing, and photography.

He is currently working on writing his first novel, with hopes of publication by the end of 2017. This space, this blog, is a release of creative energy that spills out daily from Joshua, and he hopes that someone who reads his daily posts can find solace in relating to another human through shared experiences.



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