My Book

How it all started

For the past four years, I have been on a journey. I’ve been writing a book in short spurts over that time frame. For anyone who has ever ventured down the treacherous path of writing a novel, you can understand why after 4 years, I am still not finished. I have almost quit more times than I can count. I have thought my writing sucked, at least a few thousand times. I have thought the plot, characters, flow, my writing voice, all of it was abysmal at times. It is tremendously hard to write under such an assault, especially self-induced. I describe a very natural element of written, which is the mental strength it takes to finish. What I have not described is the real life time availability factor. It is really hard to find time to write when you work 80 hour weeks in sales, and have a wife and kid at home whom deserve your time. Like right now, 12:06 am on a Thursday morning I write this, and I will probably sleep less than 2 hours after I write some more of my book. The pursuit of this dream is far harder than I imagined, or most people think, but I won’t give up.

This all started with boredom in between sales appointments. I googled, “How to write a novel” and this program called the Snowflake Method came up. It’s awesome for first time novelist by the way, but here is the gist: Step 1 is to write one sentence. Step 2 is to expand upon that one sentence, writing one five sentence paragraph with an intro sentence, three major events (one sentence each) and a conclusion sentence. That one paragraph is the premise of your book, and it gets turned into five paragraphs, and then five pages. The program took the five pages and made each sentence a scene, and you divide those scenes into chapters. In the end, you simple write one scene at a time, with about 3-6 scenes a chapter, and eventually you finish your first draft. It was fun to start the process, but what I wasn’t expecting is that using the Snowflake Method allowed the story to take turns on it’s own. Many writers talk about this phenomenon where they think they will be writing about character X doing Y, but character X does something completely different than the writer thought. It’s weird… I am writing and I’ll think a conversation will go a certain way, but when I am immersed in the characters and actually writing the conversation, the characters speak for themselves through my typing fingers. It’s very cool. I say that, because my one sentence at the beginning of this process turned into a crazy adventure with love, death, God, parallel universes, and much more. I had no idea I would write what I am writing, but that is what I am doing. That one sentence was…

A heartbroken student discovers his family history of world jumping, and journey’s to save his lost love.