ZigZagging with Zesty Zeal

Life is full diametrically opposed states, emotions, and choices. Yet, you have the potential to become a person who singularly experiences the positives, as the negatives are but a chasing shadow as you run towards light. … More ZigZagging with Zesty Zeal


Yielding to Your Youth

The shock came from my being fooled, because I was usually not fooled –at least not easily. Yet, every once in a while, someone who looked and acted 60 turned out to be 88. Every once in a while, someone who looked and acted 70 turned out to be 55.

My mind was blown on many occasions. … More Yielding to Your Youth

Xerox: Letters to My Daughter

Growing without knowing yourself is more like stumbling, which can be painful at times. If you know how you feel and act in certain situations, you can use that knowledge to transition smoothly. To know yourself is to know your heart, wishes, and deepest desires. It also means knowing your bad habits and tendency for destruction. Knowing these things about yourself will allow you to navigate through life with purpose. … More Xerox: Letters to My Daughter