Questions (Letters to My Daughter #atozchallenge)

Questions “will teach you that possibilities are absolute if you don’t ask them, and endless if you do.” … More Questions (Letters to My Daughter #atozchallenge)


PRESENT (Letters to My Daughter #atozchallenge)

There is an old saying I have heard, read, and (now) written, since I was a child. It goes something like this:
“Today is a gift, that’s why it is called the PRESENT.”

The reason “old sayings” stick around until they are old is, they speak truth.
Truth never dies, while lies spring up only to be quickly forgotten. … More PRESENT (Letters to My Daughter #atozchallenge)

Optimistic Override (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

If I had to choose one over the other, I would say that optimism is more rewarding (but still NEEDS a dose of reality). All great things in life are things you have to work for to achieve. A great marriage takes work and sacrifice. A strong faith takes effort and discipline. A great career takes hard work and persistence. The list can go on and on. … More Optimistic Override (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

Knowledge (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

If you’re new, or have forgotten where I left off on my blog, then here is a re-cap: Back in April I partially participated in a blogging challenge with a thousand other bloggers, to write a blog each day in April, with the subject corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.

This one is about KNOWLEDGE.

My theme for this challenge was/is; “Letters to My Daughter”. She’s two now, and these blogs/letters will be compiled into a book at the end. Not a book I will publish, but a book that I hope will be read by my daughter Winslow. Whether she heeds any of my advice, is not really my goal. I ultimately want her to know how much I love her, and to give her some insight into who her father is (because life is fragile and short). … More Knowledge (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

Immediate Gratification (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

Immediate Gratification (letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge Baby Girl, I’ve been out of town on business this week, and last night we faced timed (video chatted). You were so excited to see me. You said “Hi di-da” and were grinning like crazy. You got a book and attempted to read to me, and it just … More Immediate Gratification (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

Home Run! (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge

Dear Win WIN!   So……….. if you did not already know, I have an unhealthy obsession with the Atlanta Braves. The order of my greatest loves are as follows: God My wife, your mom, rockstar artist, and hot mamma; Samantha Jo Lemon Winslow Payton Lemon (That’s YOU!) Family (Too many to name) The Atlanta Braves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … More Home Run! (Letters to My Daughter) #atozchallenge