Shimmer: Letters to My Daughter

“At some point you will have to work harder to see the beauty again, and try even harder to focus on it. To hold on to it.” … More Shimmer: Letters to My Daughter


Finding Love Again

Broken heart, suicide, and Finding Love Again. I’ve been writing again, and rereading this post reminded me of why I write. It can free you, and help you see how beautiful life is. I hope you enjoy it. Since I have revealed my shadowy pain from the past, I must finish the story by casting … More Finding Love Again

Generosity of Love

Those moments in life, full of unexpected joy, are the rarest of moments within the reel of our life’s movie. We feel happiness and excitement often, but joy is deeper and greater than anything felt often. Rareness holds the most value in gems and jewels. Rareness also holds the most value in feelings. Pure joy is rare and precious. … More Generosity of Love